October 26, 2007
The Links
Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

Gabrielle Reece:: Courtesy of Playboy, AP
But a Colorado Rockies fan will have to deal with that issue, because he's offering 25 years of Playboy magazines for two World Series tickets. (Thanks to Allison in Colorado Springs for sending us the link.) That guy isn't the only one going the extra mile for tickets. Lion In Oil tells us that state workers were asked to use emergency response computers to purchase tickets.
Deciphering Broadcaster Speak
Rivalfish.com breaks the code of those cliches we hear on a regular basis and offers the translations of backhanded compliments (for example, "he's a quarterback that manages the game" and "he's a great clubhouse/locker room guy") that announcers use on a regular basis.
NFL Films
Epic Carnival is evaluating each NFL team at the midway point by comparing their seasons to a movie.
But Can They Say 'Nuclear?'
The funny folks at Unibrow have started a new sports blog titled, All Balls. They're kicking things off by suggesting 10 athletes who should run for President. It's worth checking out just for the fine Photoshop work.
The Bad Guys

Donald Fehr, Bud Selig :: AP
Joe Sports Fan is calling out the Top Non-Player MLB Playoff Villains of all time.
Skip This If You're Eating
SI.com hockey guru John Rolfe has put together a gallery titled "The Faces of Battle." That's code for "NHL Players With Cuts, Scars and Stitches."
Messing With The Guns?
The Hater Nation wonders if Subway is spoofing NFL ref Ed Hochuli.
Dimming Lights?
Milk Was a Bad Choice (great name for a blog) is down on Friday Night Lights, and does a solid job of explaining why. We would've agreed after the first two episodes, but we think the show bounced back last week. Our fingers are crossed for tonight.
Today in Campus Clicks
Halloween advice for the ladies ... Brady Quinn wears USC jersey after losing bet ... Best porn names in the Big Ten ... Lou Holtz pep talk ... Georgia goes to Korea to recruit fans ... and more.
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Videos of the Day
Dallas Clark Is Our New Favorite NFL Player
Props to With Leather for posting this video of the Colts tight end singing the No. 1 song of the '80s, Livin' on a Prayer -- in sign language (which is how our friends wish we sang it).

Was This In The Job Description?
A security guard crashes a college party and then dances to Old Time Rock and Roll.

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