November 06, 2007
The Links
Romo Vs. Electra

Carmen Electra :: Ethan Miller/Getty Images
What happened when Tony Romo faced off against Carmen Electra in Guitar Hero 3? Check it out.
The Real Perk Of Winning A Title
With Red Sox pitcher Josh Beckett set to appear on the Wheaties box, Home Run Derby gives us a little history lesson on the all-important cereal box and World Series MVPs.
ESPN Vs. NBC -- It's On!
We've always liked Mike Tirico, and now we're fans for life. As Awful Announcing points out, Tirico took some shots last night at NBC's ridiculous "going green" disaster, that the Sports Hernia perfectly summed up here.
Statistical Analysis
Digital Headbutt explains just how drunk you'd be if you played the Lou Holtz drinking game during the coach's pep talk for Nebraska in Week 9.
Just Your Typical Soccer Dad

Snoop Dogg :: Frank Micelotta/Getty Images
You can't say that Snoop Dogg doesn't know his limitations. The rapper has coached his son's pee wee football team for a few years now, but when it came time to give his kids some soccer lessons, Snoop called in the big gun -- David Beckham.
This Will Do More Than Beckham
Mac G thinks he knows how to spark American interest in soccer: Provide videos of Football Girls.
Important Message For Parents
If the school bully has a habit of giving your child wedgies, there's a solution to your problem -- wedgie-proof underwear. Oh, and the inventors of this revolutionary product are 8 years old.
Today in Campus Clicks
Tough times for Arizona ... Michigan-Michgan State war heats up ... Video tribute to Kirby Freeman's awful performance ... Halloween costume of the year ... If Mike Gundy were a weatherman ... and more.
Become Friends With Hot Clicks
Our Hot Clicks group on Facebook has topped 1,000 members. We couldn't be prouder. For those of you who haven't joined, what are you waiting for?
Videos of the Day
Amazing Basketball Shots
We fully expect to get e-mails telling us the trick shots in this video are fake, but we don't care. We're still impressed. (Thanks to Eddie Jados of Manistee, Mich., for sending us the link.)

What Every Man Wants In The Bedroom
Yes, you read that right.

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