November 07, 2007
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Baseball Flies Into The '80s

Elle MacPherson :: Raphael Mazzucco/SI
The best take we've seen on the news that Major League Baseball is finally considering adding instant replay comes from Why Don't We Get Drunk and Blog. The blogger welcomes MLB to 1986 and wonders if the GMs at the winter meetings are also discussing other 1986 hot topics, such as the new Journey album and Cheers. They could also be talking about the SI Swimsuit cover, which featured Elle MacPherson.
Let's Stuff The Ballot Box
It was like Christmas morning for us when we saw that AOL Fanhouse was running a "Who Is the Best and Worst Sports Announcer?" contest, broken down into play-by-play, analyst, studio host and sideline reporter. If you have any appreciation for the work we do here at Hot Clicks, you'll do us this favor and vote for the following people: Worst play-by-play: Chip Caray; Worst analyst: Joe Morgan; Worst studio host: Emmitt Smith; Worst Sideline reporter: Jim Gray. Best play-by-play: Marv Albert; Best Analyst: Kirk Herbstreit; Best Studio Host: Anyone but Bob Costas. Best Sideline reporter: Could it be anyone but Erin Andrews?
Fortune Teller
If you've ever wondered how sports owners got all their dough, wonder no more. gives us the scoop on how 10 billionaire owners -- including Robert Kraft, Jerry Jones and Mark Cuban -- built their fortunes. (Thanks to Bob Eckert of Baltimore for the link.)
What Happened To Just Clapping?
We're not sure we'd be able to handle someone using a device consisting of six car horns and a flashing orange light powered by a car battery to celebrate a touchdown at a stadium. But when they're doing it on their front lawn, well that's just offensive.
A-Rod's Worth

Alex Rodriguez :: Rich Pilling/MLB Photos via Getty Images
Rumors and Rants have come up with a couple of interesting notes regarding Alex Rodriguez's demand (or is it Scott Boras' demand?) for a $300 million contract. First off, they're figuring out how much each of A-Rod's RBI's cost last season and comparing that price to those of several big-name players. And then, after concluding that $300 million for A-Rod is a bargain, they're looking back at the best and worst bargains in history -- and not just sports history.
Fabulous Tribute
Epic Carnival offers a unique look back at the illustrious career of "The First Lady of Wrestling," The Fabulous Moolah, who passed away last Friday at the age of 84.
Another Reason We Wish We Were In College
If you live in the DC area and want a sports internship, check out Mister Irrelevant. He's looking for someone to work on his blog show. So you'd be getting a gig involved in a) sports; b) tv; c) blogs. What more could you want?
Today in Campus Clicks
Tough times for Arizona ... Michigan-Michigan State war heats up ... Video tribute to Kirby Freeman's awful performance ... Halloween costume of the year ... If Mike Gundy were a weatherman ... and more.
Become Friends With Hot Clicks
Our Hot Clicks group on Facebook has topped 1,000 members. We couldn't be prouder. For those of you who haven't joined, what are you waiting for?
Videos of the Day
The Oddest YouTube Tribute Ever
Someone actually put together a tribute to ... we can't believe we're about to type this ... NFL referee's butts. What's even more disturbing is that we watched the whole thing.

King-Sized Insult
We're late to the party on this one, but in case you missed it, watch Jerry Seinfeld tear into Larry King for suggesting Seinfeld was canceled.

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