November 15, 2007
The Links
All You Need To Know About HD
Hot Clicks reader Jason Drill of New Jersey sent us a link to this story on the 10 Best Sports in HDTV. However, we noticed the list was a little old, so because we care about our audience so much, we tried to find you a more current take on HD.

Well, we ended up hitting the jackpot. This week, the same author provided us with another list -- the 10 Sexiest Women In HDTV. Ghost Whisperer star Jennifer Love Hewitt comes in strong at No. 5.

Jennifer Love Hewitt
Michael Buckner/Getty Images
The Fan Experience
The Ghosts of Wayne Fontes is looking at -- in their words -- the details of the seedy underbelly of live sports that make the live-game experience extra special. In other words, they're paying tribute to the annoying, gross and weird things we see at sporting events. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)
In Case You Missed It
We should've posted these earlier in the week, so we apologize for the delay. First up is the Colts radio announcer butchering the call of Indy's missed field goal late in its loss against San Diego. Second is a Los Angeles Clipper dancer making a shot from half-court -- with her back to the basket!
Forget A-Rod
This will be the best Yankees story you read today.
Let's Get This Blackmail Thing Going

Isiah Thomas, Stephon Marbury :: AP
The Armchair Sports Authority is wondering what "stuff" Stephon Marbury has on Isiah Thomas. They've come up with 10 interesting guesses. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)
A Comical Roster
How would an NFL squad look if it were made up of comic book heroes? The Spirit of Jake Plummer tackles that tough task.
Spreading Good Cheer
The Houston Texans may not have many wins, but according to End Zone Buzz, they have the most detailed cheerleader pages in the NFL. (Warning: Link contains strong language.) (Thanks to Kyle of St. Louis for sending us the link.)
Today in Campus Clicks
Ohio State and Michigan fans gear up for the big one ... Tailgating with a dunk tank ... Growing mustaches for charity ... Herschel Walker vs. Steve Spurrier ... Michigan fan loses bet, is forced to wear a bikini ... and more.
Become Friends With Hot Clicks
Our Hot Clicks group on Facebook has topped 1,000 members. We couldn't be prouder. For those of you who haven't joined, what are you waiting for?
Videos of the Day
Bringing Sexy Rex Back
Believe it or not, some Bears fan are psyched -- really, really psyched -- about Rex Grossman returning to the starting lineup. (Thanks to Marco Bartolomei of Park Ridge, Ill., for sending us the link.)

Leave It To Nike To Come Up With A Clever Spin
We love our "To Catch a Predator" spoofs. This time Nike does the honors. (Thanks to Alec in New York City for sending us the link.)

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