November 23, 2007
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Best Of: Hot Clicks Videos

Tori Praver :: Walter Chin /SI
Hot Clicks is taking a break during this holiday weekend from surfing the 'net and scouring the blogs for must-see links. Instead, we're looking back at the best videos we've presented in this space. If you missed any of these, they're certainly worth checking out. And even if you've seen them, you'll enjoy giving them another look. We'll start, however, by linking you to something we've never had here before -- a slew of videos featuring SI's Swimsuit models.
Videos of the Day
'That's The Wrong Video, By The Way'
This is our favorite video of all time.

When Soccer Fans Attack
This reporter never had a chance.

Nobody Tailgates ...
Like Buffalo Bills fans.

Pole Dancing Is Just One Highlight
The catfight at the end is the other.

An Elvis Song Never Sounded As Good...
As he does in this Viagra commercial.

Lou Piniella, Ella, Ella
Lou Piniella gets the Umbrella treatment.

Go Gillooly
With the Patriots still undefeated, this video speculating on who will take out Tom Brady still holds up.

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