November 26, 2007
The Links
Like Being Hit With A Steel Chair

Brooke Hogan, Hulk Hogan :: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images
It's bad enough when your wife files for divorce. It's even worse when a newspaper reporter has to tell you that your wife filed for divorce. That's what happened to legendary wrestler Hulk Hogan (shown above with daughter, Brooke) this past weekend. Of course, with wrestlers, this could just be a big angle setting up next year's Wrestlemania main event featuring Hulk vs. His Wife.
Jordan Does Have A Flaw
We have no recollection of this old-school Michael Jordan music video, but we thank Docksquad for posting it. Since Jordan had all these sick moves and glided so effortlessly on the hardwood, we assumed he could dance. We were wrong.
Numbing Numbers
The weekend was filled with many thrilling football games, but Rumors and Rants is focused on one of the more pathetic contests from Saturday. They're breaking down the hard-to-believe stats from UCLA's 16-0 win against Oregon. Two gems: The Ducks ran the ball 39 times for 43 yards. And Oregon punter Josh Syria punted 12 times for 505 yards.
Interesting Interpretation
A British opera singer took on the Croatian national anthem before last Wednesday's England-Croatia soccer showdown, but ended up having some trouble with the lyrics. Let's just say the line he came up with could make him pretty popular. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)
Weekend Update

Chad Johnson :: AP
There are a slew of videos from the busy weekend that are worth checking out, so we're just gonna dump them right here. First up is a college football ref offering a "giving him the business" explanation for a penalty. Next up, CBS analyst Steve Beuerlein referring to USC players as "thugs." Then we have an Auburn player getting bit by a security dog during game action. Lastly, Chad Johnson, who somehow gets a free pass from the media for showboating, used a camera as his prop after scoring a TD yesterday.
Craig Kilborn Sighting
Have you been wondering what the former SportsCenter anchor has been up to? The Onion has the scoop.
Plenty Of Crankin'
We've talked to Andy Gray, the man behind SI's Campus Clicks, many times about compiling the plethora of Soulja Boy videos and putting them on one page. Luckily for us, Sportswrap has done it so we're saved from doing the work. Hallelujah!
The Ultimate Cheesy-Ballad Playlist offers the list, which features. Journey, Tiffany, Barry Manilow, Phil Collins and plenty more of your favorites.
Today in Campus Clicks
Hogs -- and their fans -- go wild ... Mascot awards ... Maryland to go for "Most Dreidels Spun" world record ... South Park meets college football ... Video: Acoustic look at all the bowls you won't be watching ... and more.
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Videos of the Day
Updating A Classic
Abbott and Costello's Who's on First routine meets Star Wars.

Exercise Balls Can Be Dangerous...
Especially when someone throws one at you.

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