November 28, 2007
The Links
'I Wanna Kiss You'

Cobie Smulders :: reports that Jake Gyllenhaal will play Joe Namath in an upcoming biopic about the quarterback. Now the big question is, who will play Suzy Kolber when they address this classic YouTube moment. We're voting for underrated How I Met Your Mother star, Cobie Smulders. We're not just saying that because we think she's hot and her name sounds similar to Kolber's -- Smulders already plays a reporter on the show. Who you think should play Kolber? Scroll below to let us know and we'll post the best response in this space tomorrow. Keep it brief and clean, please.
His Spellcheck Must Hate Him
As the Blog of Hilarity points out, Marshawn Lynch is cyberspace's newest blogger. But if you can actually decipher what the Bills running back is saying in less than, say an hour, more power to you. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)
Not Worth It
Epic Carnival looks at 13 NBA players who are stealing money based on their statistical output.
Going Commando
Via Everyday Should Be Saturday comes a link to an LSU message board called TigerDroppings, where a user named LSUFreek put together this funny visual take on the bevy of college football coaches who got the ax (or, in some cases, resigned) over the past few days.
Jessica Isn't The Only Simpson Who Loves Romo

Jessica Simpson :: Andrew H. Walker
Yes, we're losers. So we watched every episode of Newlyweds starring Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey. Therefore we knew her dad was somewhat creepy. So, we weren't surprised at all to read in today's New York Post that it was Papa Simpson who played a big role in his daughter hooking up with Tony Romo.
Having A Bowl
The Big Picture wants you to help them remember all the former bowl games that no longer exist. Personally, we miss Tangerine Bowl. That just sounds so much better than the stupid Papa John's Bowl.
Hung At Halftime
We heard last week that William Hung performed at halftime of the Cal-Washington game, and now Mac G has come through with the video. The highlight is watching the cheerleaders try to dance to Hung's haphazard beat.
Ask Erin Andrews A Question
We'll be talking to Erin later and she's up for answering a couple of user e-mails. Scroll to the bottom of this page to send us your questions for the ESPN sideline reporter.
Set The TiVo's
Friend and Hot Clicks contributor, Jason Drill tells us that E! is running a Keeping Up with the Kardashians marathon tonight starting at 9 p.m. Will Reggie Bush make an appearance? More importantly, check out E!'s Good Kim/Bad Kim photo game. This is how the site describes it: "She can be naughty, and she can be nice. Click on the look you like best."
Today in Campus Clicks
The most vegetarian-friendly school ... Tulsa-Rice feud ... Funniest Facebook Groups of 2007 ... Maloofs love Hawaii ... Video: College Quidditch ... and more.
We're On Facebook!
Our Hot Clicks group on Facebook has topped 1,500 members. We desperately want to hit 2,000. For those of you who haven't joined, what are you waiting for?
Videos of the Day
Yes, You CAN Kick To Devin Hester
But only if Josh Brown is your kicker.

Creative Commercial
This clip has been viewed more than 2 million times on YouTube but we never saw it or heard about it before reader Sean Hazell of Toronto sent it to us yesterday. We're not sure you can get your message across any better than the folks did in this ad. (Warning: Contains strong language and significant bathroom humor).

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