November 29, 2007
The Links
Love Triangle?

Julianne Hough :: Frederick M. Brown
We don't watch Dancing with the Stars and we don't watch NASCAR or IRL or anything with cars, but this story caught our attention. Driver Helio Castroneves, 32, won the show on Tuesday night. Then he announced that he broke off his engagement to his fiancee, and is now reportedly dating his dance partner, 19-year-old Julianne Hough. After seeing photo above, we can't blame him.
Talking To Playboy's Sexiest Sportscaster
We chatted with Erin Andrews yesterday and asked her a question submitted by a Hot Clicks reader. Before we got into that, I asked her about yesterday's news that she won Playboy's all-important contest. "It's nice that people voted for me," she said, "but I haven't thought too much about it. I have two big football games to prepare for this week."

We then asked her a question submitted by Joe Thornhill of Arizona, who wrote: "The last couple weeks you were in Tucson and Tempe. Which place did you enjoy more? I went to one of them and would love to have an expert's input to settle the never ending state of Arizona debate."

Andrews: "I had a great time in Tucson and went to a great sports bar called Sam's. But I really really enjoyed Tempe. It was a beautiful place this time of year. The whole scene and vibe was so much fun, and we stayed at a great hotel. If I hadn't gone to Florida, I would've checked out Arizona State. I'm definitely looking forward to a return trip there."
Knicks Bashing Is Fun
On the heels of this story about how miserable it is to be a Knicks beat writer, comes this gem from The Onion about what took place at a Knicks front-office meeting. (Thanks to Ryan of Nashville, Tenn., for sending us the link.)
Eavesdropping On Athletes
Sportscolumn has posted must-see video of athletes chit-chatting while they were miked up. Our favorites are No. 7, in which the Astros' Chris Burke talks to a teammate about how to save money on haircuts, and No. 2, in which Jose Lima gets a little insulted when David Wright questions is English-speaking skills.
The Role Of Suzy Kolber Goes To...

Maria Menounous :: Ethan Miller/Getty Images
Yesterday, we asked you who should play Suzy Kolber in the upcoming movie about Joe Namath. The responses ranged from the practical (Kolber should play herself, said Matt Brown of Seattle) to the amusing (Erin Andrews, said Chris of Fairfax, Va.) to the funny (Ernie Keebler was the suggestion of Hugging Harold Reynolds) to the no-brainer (Maria Menounous via The Big Lead.)
Best Bar Name Ever
SportsByBrooks has the scoop on how the bars in Milwaukee are beefing up their inventory for tonight's Packers-Cowboys game that will air on the little-seen NFL Network. The best part of the post is finding out that there's a bar in Milwaukee called HHFFRRRGGH.
The Important Issues
The war in Iraq? Healthcare? The economy? Forget all that stuff. As Out In Center Field tells us, the highlight of last night's Republican YouTube debate was a a guy asking Yankees fan Rudy Giuliani why he rooted for the Red Sox during this year's World Series.
Read It And Weep
The Ghosts of Wayne Fontes is recommending self-help books for several of sports' biggest names.
Today in Campus Clicks
Army and Navy already battling off the field ... Cal-Stanford national anthem controversy ... College basketball's All-Name team ... Vitale vs. Kentucky ... Video: 3-D re-enactment of the Cal-Standfor play ... and more.
We're On Facebook!
Our Hot Clicks group on Facebook has topped 1,500 members. We desperately want to hit 2,000. For those of you who haven't joined, what are you waiting for?
Videos of the Day
Tebow Does Have One Flaw
We saw this Saturday morning and we're surprised to see that it wasn't picked up in the blogosphere. After talking to Desmond Howard about football, Florida quarterback Tim Tebow discusses his love of crocs, and proudly states that he only wears Crocs or cleats.

What Is Going On At Weddings These Days?
Last week, we posted a video of a couple dancing to Baby Got Back for their wedding song. Now, reader Shaun Dias of Toronto sends us this gem -- where the robot is involved!

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