December 05, 2007
The Links
An Introduction

Anna Rawson :: Vince Bucci /Getty Images
This is Anna Rawson. She just officially became an LPGA tour member. That's all.
Holy Sit
If you're upset about how bad the BCS screwed up most of the bowl games, there's something better for you to do on New Year's Day than watch college football. The Ultimate Couch Potato Competition will be held in Chicago and New York. The person who can sit the longest wins a 42-inch TV, a recliner and an ESPN Zone gift card. Sign us up!
Hoops Meets Hanukkah
Jen's Free Throws offers one of the most amusing videos we've seen recently -- NBA player wishing fans a Happy Hanukkah, with the highlights being Ron Artest admitting he doesn't know what Hanukkah is, but then saying he's going to celebrate it after being told you get presents for eight days. Also, check out Delonte West asking that his girlfriend not be told that you're supposed to get eight presents. Apparently, Delonte is a cheapskate.
If You Have To Shop For A Beckham Fan...
David Beckham fans in New Zealand are trying to take advantage of the superstar's recent visit by selling his half eaten corn cob, nearly empty bottle of Coke and French fry -- yes, one French fry -- on the Web.
Baseball Goes Country

Kenny Chesney, Keith Urban :: Rusty Russell/Getty Images
With baseball's winter meetings being held in Nashville, Tenn., Armchair Sports Authority thought it would be appropriate to compare some of country music's biggest stars to MLB teams.
'De Plane, De Plane'
Epic Carnival talks about a favorite pasttime of college football fans: using online Flight Tracking Information to stalk follow coaching prospects traveling to cities for job interviews.
Name No-No
There's a new teddy bear-naming controversy and this one involves an NFL superstar. Pray for Mojo is all over it. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)
Get Over It Already
People are STILL filing lawsuits against Sacha Baron Cohen and the makers of Borat.
Today in Campus Clicks
The 20 Ugliest Colleges in the USA ... Top 50 Schools for Student-Athletes ... Kansas comes up with the cash ... Venus Williams to get associate's degree ... Whats' on Colt McCoy's iPod? ... Video: Happiest Bathroom Line, Ever ... and more.
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Our Hot Clicks group on Facebook has topped 1,900 members. We desperately want to hit 2,000. For those of you who haven't joined, what are you waiting for?
Videos of the Day
'Monday Nighting'
The geniuses from Fantasy Humor are back with a new video. This time they're taking on those fantasy football guys who have a win wrapped up after Sunday but insult their opponent by saying they still have a chance even though they only have a scrub playing on Monday night.

An Interesting Pool Shot
And kind of a gross one, too.

Flexible Girl Playing Pool - Watch more free videos
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