December 07, 2007
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Gimme More ... Six Years Ago

Britney Spears :: Frank Micelotta/ImageDirect
R.W. McQuarters was one of many New York Giants players who turned out for the SI Sportsman of the Year party this week in Manhattan. While he was there he told the NY Daily News he would love to see Britney Spears cheering him on from the sidelines. But don't confuse him for Chris Crocker just yet. He quickly amended his comment by saying, "In 2001! Not Britney today."
Really Unnecessary Roughness
The Angry T reviews the worst penalties, some of which caused referees to put their own spin on an official's lexicon. Our guess is The Last Boy Scout run would elicit a violation slightly worse than "Giving him the business."
Knievel v. McNair
Few quarterbacks in the history of the NFL have been injured more than Steve McNair. The currently injured (shocking, we know) Ravens signal caller has been battered and bruised so many times that Deuce of Davenport compares McNair's injuries to the late great Evel Knievel's.
Bush League
We started to feel serious Reggie Bush backlash early this season when the Saints were 0-4 and we were still seeing Bush in more commercials than Peyton Manning. I guess we're not alone. Not only is Fred Taylor tired of seeing Bush, but apparently New Orleans is getting weary of his act, too.
Time Out With Julie

Julie Henderson :: Brad Barket/Getty Images for NHL
Our favorite SI Swimsuit model, Julie Henderson, was also at the SI Sportsman of the Year party and tells us we missed out on an amazing bash. Well, to make up for walking the red carpet with Ana Paula Araujo instead of us (OK, we admit we would have made the same choice.), she's agreed to answer a question from one lucky reader next week. (Hey, we like to spread the love around here.) So shoot your query our way and Julie will respond in this space on Monday.
Spoiler Alert
If you don't want to sit through hours of Heisman hype on Saturday night, simply click on this site and find out who the Heisman winner will be before, well, the Heisman winner. Here's all you really need to know about the eventual winner.
The NFL's Rosetta Stone
After 12 games, no team has yet to find the formula to topple the Patriots. Lucky for the Steelers, reader Shaun Wishnevski of Bloomington, Ind., discovered the folks at Cobra Brigade have tracked down the blueprint to beat Bill Belichick's juggernaut. Read and learn, Mike Tomlin.
Pass The Popcorn, Please
The 100 Percent Injury Rate looks at the best food and beverage-related athlete stories. Our recent favorite is the sight of Billy Walker munching on popcorn while sitting on the bench, but nothing can top the breakfast of the Big Bambino: A pint of whiskey mixed with a pint of ginger ale in a pitcher of ice, followed by a porterhouse steak, four fried eggs, fried potatoes and a pot of coffee.
Today in Campus Clicks
College football's biggest coaching bargain ... Who was Kirk Herbstreit's source? ... Five most mediocre college football teams ... BCS meets WWE ... Future job for Weis ... Video: Semi Pro sneak peek ... and more.
Dunk On Me
It seems that everyone has a price, especially when you're the backup center for the Clippers. Paul Davis is the poor guy getting dunked on by Dwyane Wade in a popular Gatorade commercial, but don't worry about Davis' bruised ego. "I said, 'Well how much is it for?' And [my agent] told me and I said, 'I'll get dunked on for that.'"
Videos of the Day
Beckhams Take Over America
The comedic geniuses at Super News bring us an animated recount of the Beckham's time in the U.S., from David's MLS arrival in July to Victoria's appearance in the Spice Girls' concert in Los Angeles this week.

Romo In Action
We all know Tony Romo is quite the ladies man, but how has he been able to wrangle the likes of Jessica Simpson, Carrie Underwood and Sophia Bush within the past year. Well, here's a video of Romo chatting up Kelly Clarkson, one of the few celebs he hasn't been linked with ... yet.

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