December 10, 2007
The Links
Break-Up Dancing

Shanna Moakler :: Michael Buckner/Getty Images
It's hard to listen to relationship advice from Shanna Moakler, who's been with the likes of Billy Idol, Oscar De La Hoya, Dennis Quaid and Travis Barker, but she has a unique insight into what Helio Castroneves must be feeling these days. Like the two-time Indy 500 champ, Moakler hooked up with her partner on Dancing with the Stars. "You work with them for three months for eight hours a day doing these really sexy moves ... you can't help but fall for them," Moakler told the NY Post. "At least I was separated [from husband Travis Barker] when I hooked up with my partner." Yes, unlike Castroneves who broke up with his fiancé after winning the competition with Julianne Hough.
Worst ... Present ... Ever
You Been Blinded unearths this gem of a kid getting a Todd Marinovich jersey for Christmas. Aside from the classic gift is the exchange between the parents after it's opened. Dad: You'll be proud to wear that walking down the street. Mom: The kid's going to be good in time, he's young.
Our favorite women's basketball coach, Stacy Johnson-Klein, who gained notoriety for her revealing attire during Fresno State basketball games won a $19.1 million lawsuit against the school after being fired in 2005. We can only hope coach Stacy and her fashion sense return to sideline soon.
Bench-warming Lamborghini
We've always said one of the best jobs in sports is to be the 12th man on an NBA roster. Courtside seats to every game, a jersey with your name on the back and, judging from Sasha Vujacic's driveway, enough money to buy a driveway full of cars like a Lamborghini LP640.
Royals Draft Liotta

Ray Liotta :: Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images
The Kansas City Royals picked a rehabbing left-handed pitching prospect by the name of Ray Liotta in the Class AAA phase of the Rule 5 draft during the winter meetings. The two Liottas are distant cousins, according to the Kansas City Star. "Same name," Royals farm director J.J. Picollo said. "He's probably not going to make as much money as the actor, although it would mean he turned out all right if he did."
Shockey's Ladies
Jeremy Shockey doesn't need much help in the female department, but Deadspin directs us to a posting on Craig's List that indicates his friends might. The posting says that "Manhattan's hottest, newest nightclub is hosting Jeremy Shockey's New Year's Eve Party and we want to surround his guys with the city's hottest girls. If you think you can dress, dance, and drink the part, then please send one head and one body shot." Yes, we have a feeling that body shots will play a part at the club that night.
Now That's An Entourage
As if his 10th round TKO over Ricky Hatton to retain his welterweight title wasn't enough for Floyd Mayweather Jr. to win you over, perhaps entering the ring with three of his Dancing With the Stars pals will.
Milano Message
The only thing crazier than a picture of Alyssa Milano wearing a soft cooler on her head ("my Winter Meetings rally cap") is hopelessly expecting readers of her blog to "keep all comments relevant to the subject matter of that post."
Today in Campus Clicks
Tim Tebow's a sartorial winner, too ... More reasons to hate Duke ... Why doesn't anyone want to coach at Michigan? ... College football's most annoying trends ... Who needs Angelina Jolie when there is Natalie Portman? ... Video: The I Hate BCS Blues ... and more.
Time Out with Julie
Last week we mentioned SI Swimsuit model Julie Henderson went to the Sportsman of the Year party without us and to make up for it she agreed to answer a question from one lucky reader. Her question comes from Mona in San Diego who asks, "What would you do to impress a guy at a bar?"

Henderson: "I would flirt. Hello? No, I would just be myself. I try not to say what I do at first because people get funny about it. It's either you're super rich or super easy or super something. I'm just a super dork so I'd just start a conversation and be myself."
Videos of the Day
Raw Is War
Tonight is the 15th anniversary of WWE Raw and there are more than a few surprises expected during the three-hour special. (Did someone say Hulk Hogan?) In honor of the occasion, here's a video of Vince McMahon nearly laying the smack down on Armen Keteyian. We're guessing Armen won't be at the show tonight.

Massage Cam
If you needed any more evidence that the Dallas Cowboys are being over exposed this season, here's an exciting four-minute video of Cowboys reserve receiver Sam Hurd getting a massage after practice this year. Next week's episode will hopefully feature Cowboys reserve tight end Anthony Fasano getting facial.

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