December 11, 2007
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Clean Living

Jessica Biel :: Kevin Winter/Getty Images
Usually an item in Page Six about Jessica Biel and David Beckham would garner front-page attention, but thankfully for Posh it had nothing to do with the pair canoodling at Hyde. Beckham and Biel were voted the "cleanest" or most healthy-living celebrities in the world in a poll conducted by a health and detox Web site. Tony Romo's former flame Carrie Underwood and Matt Damon were runners-up.
All I Want For Christmas
Have an over-paid athlete on your holiday list? The Ghosts of Wayne Fontes offers some great gift ideas for the athlete who (seemingly) has everything.
Nutty Buddy
We touched on former Major Leaguer Mark Littell's athletic cup, the Nutty Buddy, a while back but since it somehow snuck into CNN's Breaking News department this week, we thought it would be worth watching Littell, wearing the cup, take a 90-mph pitch from a baseball machine directly at the groin without flinching again for old time's sake.
While CO-ED Magazine claims to have listed the 20 Sexiest Athlete Wives of 2007, they've really compiled a list of their favorite athlete wives, ex-wives, girlfriends, fiancees and attractive acquaintances. We're not complaining though, we're for any list that Carmella DeCesare tops.
Best Value?

Cubs fans :: AP
The Angry T looks at the best and worst ticket prices in sports and not surprisingly the Chicago Cubs are one of the worst. The Cubbies have the second highest ticket prices for the most down-trodden team in baseball history. Something's not right about that equation.
Say What?
There's nothing worse than being in the middle of a bad interview. It's worse than being in the midst of a bad date because there's sort of an obligation on the reporter's part to do his or her job and on the subject's part to promote whatever they're doing. That is unless you're James Franco and can simply cut to the chase and say, "This is stupid," and leave early.
Flex This
Ask anyone that works at ESPN about its Monday Night schedule compared to NBC's Sunday Night package and they'll be the first to tell you where the league's priorities are, especially when it comes to the whole "flexing" fiasco late in the season. Thankfully Scott Van Pelt and Kenny Mayne are around to laugh about a Saints-Falcons game being shown on prime time in December.

The only thing worse than the game was Roddy White's tasteless T-shirt.
L.C. For Lousy Casting
Anyone surprised by the revelation that The Hills is scripted was probably equally surprised by this shocking revelation.
Today in Campus Clicks
Tim Tebow's a sartorial winner, too ... More reasons to hate Duke ... Why doesn't anyone want to coach at Michigan? ... College football's most annoying trends ... Who needs Angelina Jolie when there is Natalie Portman? ... Video: The I Hate BCS Blues ... and more.
Videos of the Day
Red or Blue or Green
Our friend Ryan Parker sends us his little ditty about Isiah Thomas and his incomprehensible ability to keep his job with the Knicks. So how bad do you have to be to get fired by MSG?

Ballsy Quarterback
We've seen some pretty interesting injuries on the football field, but this one takes the cake.

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