December 12, 2007
The Links
Cleaning Out The Inbox
We were in Atlantic City for our friend Carl's bachelor party over the weekend (with one of the highlights being Tony Siragusa and Daryl "Moose" Johnston playing at our craps table), so the inbox got overstuffed with links. We're gonna dump some of them right here.

The Big Lead introduced us to golf's hottest girlfriend, Alli Spencer. (Click here for an FHM gallery.) Then, Mister Irrelevant introduced us to an Appalachian State fan who just happens to be Miss Teen South Carolina. And Awful Announcing posted a great clip from Fox's pregame show in which Frank Caliendo imitates David Letterman and Jillian Barbarie smooches Terry Bradshaw.

Alli Spencer
Courtesy of Laurens Antoine
Mirror Images
Rivalfish unveils the definitive sports/pop culture look-alike list. The highlights on the list of 25 include: Ron Jeremy and Adam Morrison, Jake Ryan from Sixteen Candles and Wally Szczerbiakand Dakota Fanning and Chris Kaman. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)
Follow Up
Last week, we mentioned that Anna Rawson was the newest member of the LPGA tour. We were also kind enough to provide you with a photo. Well, our friends at have gone one step further and put together an entire photo gallery of Rawson.
Get These On Your Shopping List
How about giving a sports fan a specific type of sports fan as a holiday gift? Sound confusing? Joe Sports Fan explains how this can be done.
Coaching Catastrophes

Isiah Thomas, Cam Cameron :: Getty Images
Rumors and Rants puts two of today's worst coaches -- Isiah Thomas and Cam Cameron -- against each other in a Tale of the Tape.
Led Zeppelin Meets The Chiefs
With Led Zeppelin reunited and on the road, Arrowhead Addict is looking at the future of the Kansas City Chiefs through the band's music.
Drinkers Are Creative
The Beer Blog has posted pictures of the 33 Coolest Beer Pong Tables Ever Created. (Thanks to Greg Finn of Buffalo, N.Y. for sending the link.)
Good News, Bad News
Unfortunately, Jessica Alba is pregnant. However, Jessica Simpson is up for a movie role that will require nudity.
Today in Campus Clicks
UCLA's annual underwear run ... Tebow girlfriend confusion ... College Football's All Underdog Team ... Most macho coaches in college basketball. ... Video: The Ballad of Nick Saban ... and more.
We're On Facebook!
Our Hot Clicks group on Facebook has topped 2,000 members. For those of you who haven't joined, what are you waiting for?
Videos of the Day
'Red Hot'
If you're into the Calgary Flames or cheesy '80s music videos or dudes who rock the porn mustaches -- or all three -- then this clip is for you. (Thanks to Tom Ireland, Hyattsville, Md., for sending the link.)

This Should Put You In The Holiday Mood
Reader Mitul of N.J. sent us this video. It's a bunch of guys lip synching and dancing to George Michael's Last Christmas. Words really can't describe how, um, interesting it is. But we thought this could start a fun trend. We want you to send us the most bizarre/funny Christmas videos you can find. We may even throw in a prize. Start working.

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