December 13, 2007
The Links
Meet The New Gladiators

Crush, Siren ::
With the return of American Gladiators just three weeks away, introduces you to the 12 newest competitors. The two combatants above are Crush (left) and Siren.
That Was Quick
Rumors swirled around the Internet yesterday that Tony Parker had already cheated on Eva Longoria. However, the newlyweds moved fast to squash the story. Now Tony can get back to playing basketball and Eva can get back to doing nothing since the TV writers are on strike.
A Mug Shot Tribute
You've seen many NFL mug shots before, but have you seen them all on one video and set to the song Montage? We didn't think so. We dare you not to be singing this song all day after you watch the clip.
He Probably Should've Been Cut Off
Drunk hockey fan singing We Will Rock You and falling down = Highlight of our day.
Can't Accuse These Guys
We hear there's some big steroids thing going on this afternoon. In honor of that, Three Idiots on Sports is looking at players from all sports who should've juiced up.
Lovin' The Lakers

Leonardo DiCaprio, Dyan Cannon, Arsenio Hall :: Getty Images ranks the Top 10 Celebrity Lakers Fans of all time.
You Made Need A Dramamine If You Watch This
Check out this amazing video of Andre Agassi and Roger Federer playing on the world's highest tennis court.
No. 100: Rico Suave -- Seriously
VH-1 is going to countdown the top 100 songs of the '90s. Here's the full list.
Today in Campus Clicks
Finally, a loser in Boston ... Must-see pics of South Florida lineman with the ladies ... Fun with holiday cards ... Law graduate becomes Diddy's new umbrella holder ... Video: Petrino tribute ... and more.
We're On Facebook!
Our Hot Clicks group on Facebook has topped 2,000 members. For those of you who haven't joined, what are you waiting for?
Videos of the Day
'Christmas In Dallas'
We didn't recognize many of the participants (although Herschel Walker did stand out), but here is a video of the 1986 Dallas Cowboys singing an absolutely awful Christmas song. (Thanks to Matt of Dallas for sending us the link.)

Holiday Shopping Can Be Dangerous
We wonder if she paid for the items she broke.

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