December 18, 2007
The Links
Sox And Their Skivvies

Underwear models :: Sergio Dionisio/Getty Images
AOL Fanhouse alerts us to a disturbing trend to hit eBay -- fans selling the undergarments, i.e. jockstraps and underwear, of several Red Sox players. Oh, and in case you're wondering, the above pic is from a recent fashion show in which former tennis great Bjorn Borg launched his new underwear line. We figured it made sense here.
No. 6 Should Be Higher -- with the help of YouTube -- remembers the Top 9 Most Humiliating Sports Moments.
A Fitting Tribute
100% Injury Rate remembers Chris Farley, who died 10 years ago today, by compiling the Saturday Night Live star's most memorable sports-related skits and commercials.
The Man Behind The Screaming
Play-by-play man Gus Johnson talks about his Internet fame, his new ringtones, his off-the-charts enthusiasm and much more with Awful Announcing. Here's our favorite Gus clip. And because we've had to endure's college football producer Gennaro Filice reenacting this call hundreds of times, we're sharing it with you, as well.
'Tis The Season

Tom Brady, George Brady :: AP compares Tom Brady, Eli Manning, Charlie Weis, Scott Boras and many more sports figures to famous Christmas characters. (Thanks to Joe in Queensbury for sending us the link.)
When The Doggy Family Meets Beckham
We've mentioned before that Snoop Dogg enlisted David Beckham's help in giving the rapper's kids some soccer lessons. Sportswrap now has the video, straight from Snoop's reality show. The clip is 10 minutes long, so we don't expect any of you to watch the whole thing, but we urge you to at least watch the first 10 seconds to hear the diss Snoop's kid gives Beckham. And if you make it to the 40-second mark, you'll find out that Snoop's daughter is named Chocolate. On a side note, we think Snoop's new video is one of the best we've ever seen.
And They Said It Wouldn't Last
Since we've gotten plenty of fodder from the Tom Brady-Gisele Bundchen relationship, we only think it's right that we wish the couple a happy one-year anniversary.
Today in Campus Clicks
Saban up to his old tricks ... Five Bowl Matchups You Don't Need to See ... 87-year-old graduates from Milwaukee-Wisconsin ... Monkeys face off in addtion contest ... Video: West Virginia fan gets revenge on Rich Rodriguez ... and more.
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Videos of the Day
All An NHL Player Wants For Christmas...
Is his two front teeth.

Butchering A Classic
Reader Steven Eggelson of Philadelphia sends us the worst rendition, via a wedding band, of Livin' on a Prayer that you will ever hear.

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