December 19, 2007
The Links
Spears Shocker

Jamie Lynn Spears :: Michael Buckner/Getty Images
Obviously there's no bigger story in the world right now than Britney's 16-year-old sister, Jamie Lynn, being pregnant. We immediately tried to figure out how this would tie into sports, and High School producer Kevin Armstrong gave us the answer. He asked if this means ESPN's Mike Patrick will bring this up during his next game. And then there's Armchair Sports Authority, who believe the Spears family needs another kid just as much as they believe Roger Clemens' steroids denial. Meanwhile, Hugging Harold Reynolds seems to be a little confused about who the father is.
Draft Disasters
ArmchairGM evaluates the careers of Chad Pennington, Giovanni Carmazzi, Chris Redman, Tee Martin, Marc Bulger and Spergon Wynn. Why, you ask? Because they were all drafted ahead of Tom Brady.
Christmas With The Parkers
When Tony Parker and Eva Longoria are not issuing statements about Parker never even seeing the model who has accused him of having an affair, they're giving out autographs at Target.
Politicians And The National Pastime
With the 2008 presidential primary elections less than a month away, Home Run Derby tells us where each democratic and republican candidate stands on the issue of baseball.
Let's Go Streaking
Now that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have returned a kickoff for a touchdown, The Sports Hernia is looking at other amazing streaks that are still alive. However, we warn you that these may not be the types of streaks that would pop into your mind right away.
Fans Fight Back

New York Daily News
This full-page cutout was on Page 3 of today's New York Daily News. Apparently, the Knicks booted a fan from Madison Square Garden on Monday for holding up a sign that said "Fire Isiah." So the News is fighting back by giving fans this sign to hold up at tonight's home game. For the first time this season, we're now looking forward to a Knicks game.
We're Glad He's Not In Our Family
We're Baron Davis fans, but this is just wrong. The Warriors guard tells us that he wants, among other things, a laptop, an iPod and a motorcycle for Christmas. But then he says he's giving people books for Christmas. What the hell? This is the 12th highest-paid NBA player, who is making more than $16 million this year. Books? Seriously?
Eye Vey
Reader John of St. Louis, Mo., points us to one of the nastiest eye-gouge photos you'll ever see.
From Snowballs To Octopi
Simon on Sports is looking back -- with the help of YouTube -- at famous incidents of fans throwing stuff on the field.
Battle Of The Charity Songs
Dalton Ross of compares and contrasts Band Aid's Do They Know It's Christmas to USA For Africa's We Are The World, which is basically like comparing the New England Patriots to the Miami Dolphins.
Today in Campus Clicks
Bad times in Kentucky ... San Diego State holds the latest Undie Run ... Top 10 2008 Heisman Candidates ... Comparing the Tebow girls ... Get well, Dickie V. Video: Happy Birthday, Alyssa Milano ... and more.
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We've topped 2,200 members. We're pretty amazed. Is 3,000 a possibility? We hope so. If you haven't joined, now is the time.
Videos of the Day
A Public Service Announcement
Burly Sports has had enough of NFL quarterbacks starring in unfunny commercials.

A Very Perry Christmas
We couldn't be more impressed by whoever put this gem together: Classic Journey hits remastered to familiar Christmas melodies. (Thanks to Josh in Spokane, Wash., for sending us the link.)

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