December 21, 2007
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USC fans :: Getty Images
We know we're late on this, but we're gonna attempt to pull off the "First Ever Hot Clicks College Football Bowl Pool." Here's how it'll work: You'll pick every bowl game with the spread starting with Dec. 26th's Motor City Bowl (Purdue vs. Central Michigan). You'll then rank the bowls in order from best bet to worst bet. Since there are 26 bowl games you're picking, you would assign the game you think is the biggest lock a "26" and then go down the line until you give the bowl game you have the least confidence in picking right a "1." E-mail us (at your full name, a team name (we may throw in a token prize for most creative team name) and all of your picks with the rankings by Wednesday, Dec. 26 at 6 p.m. Here is the roster of bowl games and the official lines we will use. Don't forget to rank your picks! Technically, we're not allowed to say that this is an official contest or that a prize is involved, but let's just say we'll make it worth your time.
Just A Click Away
We apologize for blatantly plugging two items, but we know you'll enjoy them. First, SIOC guru Andy Gray has outdone himself with the current Cheerleader of the Week. Meanwhile, Richard Deitsch hands out his year-end Media Awards. Unfortunately, Deitsch snubbed our fantasy girlfriend good pal Erin Andrews. Speaking of Andrews...
Bowl Seasons Biggest Flaw
Awful Announcing told us last week that Andrews will only be on the sidelines for one -- just one! -- of ESPN's bowl games. However, we can bring you one piece of good news. Andrews told us this week that she'll be hosting ABC's Rose Bowl parade on New Year's Day. So for those of you just rolling in from your party the night before or too hungover to sleep, you'll have something good to watch.
Pants On Fire is calling out the biggest liars in sports. After looking at the list, we're going to assume it was put together before this week's antics involving Bill Parcells. (Warning: Link contains strong language)
Paps Raps
We're not sure we buy Jonathan Papelbon's "dog ate my baseball" excuse, but we'll give him credit for this funny interview and having good taste in reading material. (Thanks to Mike Bonetti of Bellingham, Mass., for sending us the link.)
The Round Mound Of Humor

Charles Barkley :: Getty Images looks back at The 10 Funniest Charles Barkley Moments From Inside The NBA.
The 'Ruin Romo' Movement
We knew fans had to do something creative regarding this whole Tony Romo-Jessica Simpson affair, and of course, they've come through in a big way. We'll let Mister Irrelevant explain: "The plan is simple: have Panthers fans download Jessica Simpson's demonic visage, put it on a stick and wave it around in the crowd at Carolina this weekend."
From Skates To A Segway
The D.C. Sports Bog has posted an amusing video of a bunch of Washington Captials players riding around the D.C. area, including in front of the White House, on Segways. The highlights, though, are seeing Alexander Ovechkin's crack a huge smile at the 28-second mark, revealing that he has a missing tooth right in the middle of his mouth, and then hearing Ovechkin tell the interviewer at the 2:15 mark that he's riding around town in a Segway "for girls."
Change Of Plans
The Eagles won't be performing at halftime of the Super Bowl after all.
No High Five Here
Sascha Baron Cohen talks as himself for a change in this interview, but we don't like what he has to say -- Borat and Ali G are dead.
Today in Campus Clicks
ANOTHER American Pie movie to be released ... West Va. fan to shave beard, send it to Rich Rodriguez ... Girlfriend's guide to Bowl Season ... Cheerleader of the Week ... Mangino hoax ... Video: The Beatles Meet Zeppelin ... and more.
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Videos of the Day
A Thorough Compilation
This YouTuber has compiled some of the most amazing moments from a wide variety of sports.

A Warning
Since we started today's Hot Clicks by talking about our College Football Bowl Pool, we want to be clear that we don't advocate gambling. And as a public service, we strongly recommend that you watch this video, so you understand how dangerous gambling is.

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