December 27, 2007
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The Top 40 Sports Figures Of 2007
We were honored to be asked to participate in Yahoo's survey to determine which athletes meant the most to bloggers in '07. The list is a solid mix of superstars (Alex Rodriguez, Tom Brady) troublemakers (Pacman Jones, O.J. Simpson) and folks we love just for being themselves (Clinton Portis, Greg Oden, Erin Andrews.)

The list we submitted looked like this: Tony Romo, Derek Jeter, Brady, Soulja Boy, Rodriguez, Beckham, Gilbert Arenas, Andrews, Oden and Reggie Bush. Bush did not crack Yahoo's top 40, and quite frankly, were surprised. Dating Kim Kardashian should automatically put you in the top 10.

Kim Kardashian
Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images
Looking Back
Most blogs are doing year-end lists, but we're linking to this one (which covers The Hottest Breakout Chick on the Planet, The Shut Your Whine Hole award and more) because we love the title: "The Legend of Cecilo Guante."
Hitting The Bricks
Hot Clicks reader CJ Maldonado sent us the following e-mail: "The Mets are selling personal bricks to be laid down at the 'Hall of Fame' walk at the new stadium. In response to the Mets collapse, increase in ticket prices, the fact that there will be less seats in the new stadium, my middle class income, and the rent I pay to live in a closet, this brick should be the first to be put down at the new stadium.
Covering The Big Game

Patriots fans :: Jim McIsaac/Getty Images
The Sports Hernia is having some fun with the news that CBS and NBC will join the NFL Network in airing Saturday's Patriots-Giants game. They imagine how the broadcast would look if even more networks got involved in showing much-anticipated tilt.
Windy City Woes
Cubs? Stunk. White Sox? Stunk. Bulls? Awful. Bears? Disappointing. What does all this mean? It means that is recapping a forgettable year for Chicago sports fans.
A Classic Cameo
We try to keep things light and fun here, but we feel we should pass along this sad news. Broadcaster Stu Nahan passed away Wednesday. Many of you know him for his play-by-play of the Dodgers and Kings. But what even more of you probably remember him for is his cameo in Fast Times at Ridgemont High in which Nahan interviewed Jeff Spicoli during a dream sequence, with Spicoli saying: "Hey dude, nice jacket."
Today in Campus Clicks
Who wants an Orange Bowl urinal? ... Football rivalry renewed ... College critics name the top-10 albums and movies of the year ... BYU and Vegas don't mix ... Video: Loyola Marymount Mud Wrestling ... and more.
You Must Join Our Facebook Group
We've topped 2,200 members. We're pretty amazed. Is 3,000 a possibility? We hope so. If you haven't joined, now is the time.
Videos of the Day
A Laker For Life
Laker fans are thrilled that Kobe Bryant's trade demands earlier this season were never met. Now they want him to tell the world he's a Laker for life.

The Dangers Of Wii
This ends the game real fast.

Hilarious Wii Accident - Watch more free videos
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