December 20, 2006
You have to love a beauty contest in which the judges are better-looking than the contestants. Every February, SI publishes its Swimsuit issue, a collection of the hottest models wearing the latest swimwear. Now, turns the tables in a way, enlisting a blue-ribbon panel of beauties -- Anne V, Brooklyn Decker, Marisa Miller, Fernanda Motta and Daniella Sarahyba -- to rank the best-looking male and female athletes in sports.

After cutting our initial list of nominees to 100 for each group, we sent photographs to our model judges. Each judge graded the athletes on a scale of 1-10 and then offered comments for their rating. "All these people are beautiful," says Brooklyn, "so if you give someone a 4, it's really like giving them a 14." Says Marisa with a laugh, "I'm going to hell for grading people on their looks."

Top 20 Female Athletes Top 20 Male Athletes
The Judges





The Ten Spot
Some people are perfect. At least in the eyes of our judges. Here are the athletes who received a "10" from one or more of our judges.
Kelly Slater
--Brooklyn, Daniella, Fernanda and Marisa
Reggie Bush
--Brooklyn and Marisa
David Beckham
--Fernanda and Daniella
Andre Agassi
Tom Brady
Brett Favre
A.J. Feeley
Tommy Haas
Rafael Nadal
--Anne V
Jesse Palmer
Tony Parker
Jason Taylor
Ben Wallace
--Marisa Miller
Maria Sharapova
--Brooklyn, Daniella and Fernanda
Gabrielle Reece
--Brooklyn and Marisa
Carrie Tollefson
--Brooklyn, Daniella
Marion Jones
Anna Kournikova

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