June 09, 2010
Brazil Dominates On And Off The Field
Brazil fan :: Patrik Stollarz/Getty Images

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Hot Clicks continues its week-long preview of the World Cup by paying tribute to one of the tournaments co-favorites, Brazil. (BoDog.com has Brazil and Spain at 4-to-1 favorites). Here's a look at the country's best looking fans and a gallery of the 50 hottest Brazilian women.
More World Cup
Here are World Cup jersey power rankings. And this piece compares each World Cup team to a musician or band.
Jersey Fail
This Tigers fan comes up short in his attempt to add a personal touch to his jersey.
So, That Was Fun
Stephen Strasburg :: Greg Fiume/Getty Images
Stephen Strasburg somehow exceeded the overhyped expectations last night and left everyone watching that game in awe of his performance. Don't believe me? Just look at what some newspapers published. And what was his reward for winning his major league debut? An Elvis wig, and a pie to the face. Meanwhile, three Washington restaurants are already selling Strasburgers. And other former phenoms are giving Strasburg "advice."
One More Item On Strasburg's Start...
I know in the media world it's basically a felony to do anything but genuflect at the feet of Bob Costas, but I'm going to commit a crime right here. Matt Zirker, of Post Falls, Idaho, sent this e-mail last night. "Jimmy, first time sending in something to Hot Clicks, but yesterday pushed me over the top. Stephen Strasburg pitched a seven-inning gem, but, as usual, Bob Costas did his best to try and overshadow it. Why does NBC/MLB Network/The Olympics, etc., always call in Bob Costas to commentate on every big, historic game? The man is not capable of just giving us the facts of the game. He has to overdramatize every play and impress us with his Rolodex of useless stats and trivia (all prepared by the interns behind the scenes). I was almost to the point of muting the TV just so I could enjoy the game. I'm sure a man of your resources could dig up some truly awful Bob Costas commentary to start the day off right. How about a Twitter campaign to rid the world of Bob?" Well, that might be just a tad strong. All I can do is say that I agree with most of what you said (Costas' "I'm smarter and better than you" tone does wear you down after a while and the corny sense of humor is a little hard to take) and link to this great take from Deadspin.com on Costas' rough night.
This Story Is Gold-en
Golden Tate, who was just drafted in the second round by the Seahawks, found himself in some trouble after he was cited for trespassing for being inside a Washington donut shop named Top Pot. Tate, though, had a good excuse. He needed a Maple Bar.
Sports Video Of The Day
Here are all 14 of Strasburg's strikeouts. (If the video gets pulled, click here.)

Drummer Video Of The Day
This has been in Hot Clicks before but several people a day keep sending it to me, so I'm posting it one more time.

Wrestling Video Of The Day
Don't tell me this is fake.

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