March 02, 2009
By Jimmy Traina
Snow = Good Time To Talk College Football
USC Fans
USC fans :: Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Before we even get started, Alex Lewis, of N.C., sent me what might be the funniest athlete-spoof video ever made, but I can't link to it or embed it here for a variety of reasons. But do yourself a favor and go to YouTube and search "Greg Paulus - "I Kissed a Boy" by Jensen Reed." You won't be disappointed -- unless you're a Duke fan or related to Greg Paulus. Now, onto our regularly scheduled programming ...Since many of you are snowed in today, Hot Clicks figured you'd need something to help you pass the time. How about this list/gallery of the schools with the hottest college football fans?

Speaking Of Sports Fans...

From the JumboTron Media Whore to the Seat Nazi to the One-Trick Heckler, is looking at 11 Types of Sports Fans We Love To Hate. (Thanks to Nate, of Seattle, for the link.

Ugly Unis -- Baseball

Last week, Fan IQ looked at the ugliest basketball uniforms in history. Today, it looks at the ugliest baseball uniforms in history. Is it wrong that I actually love that old '80s Astros jersey with the orange stripes?

Speaking Of Bad Clothing...
Rick Pitino
Rick Pitino: Andy Lyons/Getty Images

This was Rick Pitino's choice of suit for Louisville's game yesterday against Marquette, which featured a "white-out" promotion, and now all I can think of is this. (Thanks to Dan Reiling, of Colorado Springs, for the tip.)

Title Says It All
Just Funny

Patrick Mackay, of Tullahoma, Tenn., says "I am not really sure that this relates to sports, but it will hopefully be the link to get me posted."

Hollywood Hotties

Today is Jessica Biel's birthday, and MoonDog Sports is celebrating. The Love of Movies is looking at the Top 10 Hotties in Hollywood. Marisa Miller is following in Heidi Klum's shoes and starring in a new Guitar Hero commercial. Lastly, a bunch of SI Swimsuit models appear on tonight's episode of Chuck.

Snuggie Updates

Steve, of Baltimore, says "I went out to check out the Baltimore Snuggie Bar Crawl yesterday. It was ... interesting. There were Star Wars Snuggies, Sham-wow Snuggies, homemade Snuggies. Pics are here." Brent, of Lombard, Ill., says "Jimmy, just wanted you to know that Bill Maher on Friday night talked about the Snuggie and then wore one for the last 10 mins of the show." And Mark, of Beaverton, Ore., comes through with this big news: "Snuggies cheap at Costco!"

Playboy Covers And Goodfellas On Facebook

For these two great links, check out the Hot Clicks Facebook Group.

Sports Video Of The Day

Not only did this fan hit a halfcourt shot to win $77,777 at a recent Suns game, but he used the underhanded method.

Gisele Of The Day

An anonymous reader (no e-mail address, no name, no hometown) sends in one of the best videos Hot Clicks has ever posted. Why wouldn't someone want credit for finding such a gem? All the person said was "Just in case anyone needed one more reason to hate Tom Brady..."

Bizarre Video Of The Day

I have know idea what this is from, but has unearthed this video that features Phil Collins and The Ultimate Warrior. (Thanks to Axel Richard Janson, of Cordova, Alaska, for the link.)

Recut Movie Trailer Of The Day

Home Alone as a horror film.

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