December 16, 2009
The List You've Been Waiting For
Anna Kournikova, Gina Carano :: Getty Images
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You're already seen plenty of end-of-the-decade lists and you're going to see plenty more. But I figured this one would be of particular interest -- the 40 hottest athletes of the decade. On a related note, Anna Kournikova, who made the list, recently visited the troops.
Bombs Away has compiled several videos to come up with the definitive list of the greatest cursing moments in sports. And this may come as a total shock to you, but the link contains strong language, so be careful.
Craigslist Item Of The Day
This guy needs a "date" for the BCS Championship game. (Thanks to Mark Rodriguez, of Austin, Texas, for the link.)
Trent Edwards Isn't Just A Fantasy Killer
Trent Edwards :: Rick Stewart/Getty Images
Four men were recently fired from their jobs at Fidelty Investments for playing fantasy football. And the man at the center of the quartet's downfall was Trent Edwards. Here's what one of the guys told the Star-Telegram: "One of my buddies sent me something about how bad Trent Edwards was playing or something like that. So they called me in and talked to me for about 90 minutes on everything I ever knew about fantasy football. They interrogated me as though I was some sort of international gambling kingpin. Then they released me for the day, and I was like, 'OK.' I never thought they'd fire me for this, but, the next day, I get the call saying I had been terminated."
Coordinator Job Up For Grabs
Tuesday's P.M. Hot Clicks told you about Ron Artest writing an open letter to Tiger Woods. Now, Clinton Portis has weighed in on the saga, with the highlight being this comment: "So if he can balance 14 and keep it a secret, congrats. You know, at least he knows what he wants. He don't discriminate, he's not against people, he don't care what your job, what your background is....He knew what he was after."
Stocking Stuffer?
I'm not sure how I feel about these new Major League Baseball knitted hats with ear flaps. They're not as ridiculous as the Necky, but they are a little lame.
Sports Video Of The Day
Here's a brand new compilation of sports bloopers which his made all the better by having "Bad Day" play in the background.

Mascot Video Of The Day
Several days ago, the Jaguars' mascot -- Jaxson de Ville -- became a minor celebrity when Hot Clicks published this photo of him getting chased by an Elin Nordegren-lookalike with a golf club. Well, Jaxson is back thanks to the fact that on Sunday he got stuck for several minutes while hanging over the field. (Thanks to Joe Fisher, of Jacksonville, Fla., for the link.)

Cool Product Of The Day
In case you missed it, Tuesday's P.M. Hot Clicks featured the absurd "Necky." However, Vickie of Milwaukee, comes through today with a useful and practical product for us to see -- the TakeASeat.

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