April 05, 2010
Eagles, Redskins cheerleader :: Getty Images

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It takes a lot for a sports story to make me say "Holy s---!," but that's what happened last night when I found out the Eagles had traded Donovan McNabb to the Redskins. Joe Montana's Right Arm has a thorough recap of McNabb's time in Philly, while Camel Clutch Blog looks at McNabb's top moments as an Eagle. As for the Redskins' side of this deal, while most people see this as a big upgrade at quarterback, Mister Irrelevant is not one of them, which led to this very clever headline. Here at Hot Clicks, we'll stick to covering what we know best. McNabb leaves a top-notch cheerleading squad in Philly, but things in that department aren't too shabby in Washington.
Your New Favorite Team
Since most of you will be rooting for Butler tonight, Rumors and Rants helps you get to know the Cinderella team from Indiana.
About Tonight's Tune...
SI.com's Luke Winn got Pitchfork Media to review the past versions of One Shining Moment and the current version you will hear tonight from Jennifer Hudson.
Beantown Bonanza
Chelsea and Steven Tyler :: AP
There was lots going on in Boston last night (besides Chan Ho Park proving that there was no reason the Yankees should've signed him). The Red Sox trotted out the kid who became a YouTube sensation for his rendition of Herb Brooks' speech from Miracle to work his magic before the game. A couple of fans had a blast giving the finger to Nick Swisher. And Neil Diamond performed a rousing rendition of Sweet Caroline while wearing a jacket that said "Keep the Dodgers in Brooklyn." Um, OK, Neil. Whatever you say. Lastly, I need to address this e-mail from Rob Mokma, of Hamilton, Mich., who said, "Jimmy, who was that with Steven Tyler while he ruined God Bless America? I know you were watching the game being the huge Yankees that you are." The female with Tyler was his daughter Chelsea.
Speaking Of Opening Day...
We can't let the season start without checking in on the 30 hottest baseball WAGs.
Tiger Talks Today
As Tiger Woods gets ready for what I expect will be a fluff session with the media at 2 p.m. ET, With Leather presents the Tiger Woods Image Rehab Playbook. If anyone who will be at the press conference is reading this, can you please ask Tiger: If Elin didn't come after him with a golf club and he wasn't drunk or out of sorts because of other chemicals, why, on Thanksgiving night, did he drive into a fire hydrant and tree while driving barefoot at 2 a.m.? Thanks a bunch!
Sports Video Of The Day
On Saturday, Vanderbilt pitcher Corey Williams took a line drive to the knee -- which resulted in a broken kneecap -- and still recorded the out.

Sideline Reporter Video Of The Day
This is the most honest sideline report you'll ever see. (Thanks to Tim van der Vat, of Haarlem, Netherlands and Ricardo, of Porto, Portugal, for the link.)

Court Show Video Of The Day
The plaintiff tries to scam the judge and gets busted.

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