August 07, 2008
By Jimmy Traina
Tiffani-Amber Thiessen :: Scott Gries/Getty Images

We've linked to lists like this before, but they never get old. All Balls looks at the 10 Hottest Movie & TV Cheerleaders Of All Time.

Our Take On The Big News

OK, so let's address the huge, huge, huge football news of the day. Hard Knocks aired its first episode last night and there were some solid moments, but overall it seemed a little weaker than past editions. The highlights for us were Keon Lattimore falling down while trying to climb up some steps and some rookie singing My Girl. Hopefully things will pick up in Week 2. And hopefully we'll see a smokin' hot wife, a la those of Todd Heap and Brodie Croyle, as we have in past seasons. If you missed the show, you can watch it on Deadspin -- in four minutes.

Erin Andrews

We've gotten several e-mails from people asking why we haven't weighed in on the big E.A. controversy. The answer is simple. We were on vacation when the stuff hit the fan. We did e-mail Erin on Tuesday to ask what she'd be wearing on last night's telecast of the Yankees-Rangers game. She wrote back, "BIKINI!!!" Unfortunately, she was kidding. But she still managed to joke about wardrobegate.

Better To Be Lucky Than Good
Brian Billick :: Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

The Money Shot is using a scientific scale to determine which overrated coaches won titles because of nothing but luck.

They've Got You Covered

Do you remember what all 20 covers of Madden look like? If not, Holy Taco will show you. (Thanks to Cory, of Brooklyn, N.Y., for sending us the link.)

Now This Is One Cool Chick

This blogger's wife is offering advice to women who are about to be ignored for the next month while men prepare for their fantasy football drafts. One of her suggestions on coping with this issue is to bake for your man's draft. Better advice has never been given.

Price Fix

Apparently The Price is Right is trying to attract younger viewers. offers these 10 suggestions on how to accomplish that.

Help A Hot Clicks Reader

Bud, of Baltimore, Md., e-mailed to say, "The Mariners' compass logo is one of my favorite logos in all of sports, and I was baffled at this picture because this logo/color combination (specifically with the teal brim) doesn't exist according to my knowledge of Mariners logo history. I was hoping maybe getting some more heads in on the action would help me find exactly where this hat came from and when it was worn. A place to buy it wouldn't hurt either ;-)" Can anyone help Bud?

Campus Clicks
Jim Tressel, James Franco:: AP, Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

College football coaches and Pineapple Express ... The Benedict Arnolds of sports ... Big Ten football teams as Lollapalooza acts ... The Manzier: Coming to a Campus Near You ... Video: This Kid Hates Tennessee.

New Items On Facebook

A new video and a new post that uses college girls to breakdown the NCAA football schedule can be found on our Hot Clicks Facebook group.

Sports Video Of The Day

A tune about the various arrests of Cincinnati Bengals and Georgia Bulldogs.

Attack Bird Video Of The Day

Wait for the slow mo replays. (Thanks to Dylan Moody, of Cincinnati, for sending us the link.)

Classic Video Of The Day

Drew H., of Myrtle Beach, S.C., sent us an e-mail to say, "These are real golf balls." And that made us think of this video.

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