August 13, 2008
By Jimmy Traina
Beauty AND Talent
Evangeline Lilly :: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Hot Clicks can always sometimes be accused of being shallow. But not That's So Fetch. That blog is honoring the Top 10 Hottest Chicks With Legitimate Talent, and two sports stars -- Danica Patrick and Amanda Beard -- along with Lost's Evangeline Lilly, made the list.

OK, Back To The Shallowness

Yesterday, with the help of a couple of Hot Clicks readers, we brought you Leryn Franco, a javelin thrower from Paraguay. With Leather followed up on this by posting even more pics of Franco. And, Ed, of Hopewell Junction, N.Y., e-mailed to say, "I love Hot Clicks, but don't understand how you couldn't find images of Leryn Franco. All I did was a simple Google images search and found a ton right here. Keep up the good work!" We swear, we did that over the weekend and only a couple of pics came up. But who cares? There are more there now and that's all that matters. Great job, Ed!

Who Needs Words? uses fancy charts and graphs to bring us 1) a humorous look at the NFL and 2) your reasons for checking out Extra Mustard. And two percent is way, way too high.

LeBron Links
LeBron James :: Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images thinks LeBron James should join the U.S. diving team -- and provides video to back up its claim. Meanwhile, Simon on Sports breaks down the following question: Who is the better athlete, Lebron or Michael Phelps. The Big Lead has photo evidence that King James is enjoying his time at the Games. And last, but not least, you may notice in the above pic that he's rockin' the headband. Hopefully one of the sites not blocked in Beijing is The Blowtorch, because it put together a guide to wearing headbands.

Change For Chad?

We often ask if videos we post are real or fake. This time we're asking that question about a story. Is Chad Johnson really changing his name to Ocho Cinco?

If Baseball Doesn't Work Out...
Random Links

A hilarious Brett Favre movie poster. ... Steelers fans know how to tailgate. ... And one blogger refuses to play Madden.

Olympics Links

Today's undiscovered, yet attractive Olympians are Almudena Cid Tostado and Alicia Sacramone. ... An Olympic weightlifter dislocated his elbow and Sporting Blog has video. ... Is there an Olympic athlete named "Brad Pitt?" ... Bela Karolyi is NBC's answer to Charles Barkley.

Campus Clicks
Nick Saban, Goldfinger :: AP, Getty

SEC coaches as Bond villains ... N.C. State wants fans to pick theme song ... Early NFL mock draft ... Intriguing facts about each top 25 team ... Video: Ways to mess with people in a bathroom.

Fresh Material Facebook

For news about Olympics athletes who have posted for Playboy and a list of the most absurd movie sex scenes, check out our Hot Clicks Facebook group page.

Sports Video Of The Day

Our inbox got overstuffed with complaints about yesterday's top 30 wrestling finishers. We'll address this further next week, but the biggest complaint was the lack of wrestlers from the '80s. So here's something to make up for it.

Fast Food Video Of The Day -- Well, Not Really

Here's a whopper of a video for you. A Burger King employee decided to take a bath -- in the store's sink. Here's a story about it, too. (Thanks to Ryan, of L.A., for sending us the link.)

Classic Video Of The Day

Via Big Dunc (where we recommend this column) comes this gem that probably should've made our top 25 YouTubes.

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