May 04, 2009
By Jimmy Traina
Capital Offense
Rosanna, of the Carolina Hurricanes "Storm Squad" :: Courtesy of

Last Thursday, I screwed up by saying the Washington Capitals didn't have cheerleaders or an ice crew. Readers quickly alerted me to my mistake and I corrected it and linked to the squad, called the Red Rockers. Well, that started one of the biggest storms of e-mails in Hot Clicks history. "So I'm looking at the Red Rockers page and going, 'Hot, hot, decent, mm OK, hot, ....David?!" What is this dude doing on the Red Rockers? Maybe I'm just jealous he's surrounded by the gorgeous ladies," said Chris, of Dearborn, Mich. Marc, of Troy, N.Y., said, "Uh, Jimmy, did you even check out that link for the Caps' 'Red Rockers'? Why do I ask? 'Cause there's a dude in there, man. Little heads up on that would have been nice." And my personal favorite, "Bro, is it me or is Theo Epstein moonlighting as a Red Rocker," asked Aaron, of Ventura, Calif. Yes, David does look a little like Theo. But, I digress. There are three points to all of us. First, I thought it would be interesting to talk to David and find out how he became the only male on the squad and to ask him a few other pertinent questions. However, the Capitals' p.r. people won't let me talk to David. They said it is against the team's policy to allow the Red Rockers to talk to the media. Therefore, I'm imploring Hot Clicks nation to root hard for the Penguins to defeat the Capitals. Two, the Capitals aren't the only team that has a guy on its ice crew. The Hurricanes' "Storm Squad," which features the lovely Rosanna (above), also features a dude. Three, has compiled galleries of the 20 hottest photos they could find for each NHL playoff team, regardless of whether they are Ice Girls, fans, models or WAGs.

OK, We'll Give The Caps Props For This One Thing

I don't know what's more enjoyable in this clip -- the save of the NHL playoffs or the call by Mike Emerick.

The Greatest Erin Andrews Video EVER -- EVER!

Make sure you stick with this awesome clip for the first 1:20.

No One Should Have This Much Hometown Pride
Florida :: Google Maps
This is a map of Florida. An athlete has this tattooed on his back.
Shady Symbolism

If the NBA were to change its logo, don't expect to see any of these as replacements.

Two Must-See Photos

Check out Torry Holt's disturbing finger. Then check out this funny note. (Thanks to Matt, of Chicago, for the link.)


Lately, all the talk has been about Twitter. But the Hot Clicks Facebook group deserves major props because it topped 14,000 members over the weekend.

Sports Video Of The Day

A song about the pressure facing Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford.

Awful Singing Video Of The Day

In case you missed it Friday, check out Denise Richards butchering Take Me Out to the Ballgame at Wrigley Field.

Twitter Video Of The Day

What if someone took their Tweets to the streets?

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