February 02, 2010
Exclusive 2010 SI Swimsuit Photos
Irina Shayk :: SI

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We are one week away from the release of Sports Illustrated's 2010 Swimsuit Issue. The details of what's going to be in the magazine (and right here on SI.com) are very hush-hush, but Hot Clicks Nation will be getting an exclusive sneak preview each day from now until next Tuesday, as the A.M. edition of Hot Clicks will lead off with a photo that will appear in the 2010 Swimsuit Issue. Today, we bring you this shot of Irina Shayk, who also appeared in the 2009 issue.
When Old White Guys Singing Isn't Your Thing...
Esquire.com looks at 11 memorable attempts at Super Bowl halftime counterprogramming.
For The Super Bowl Commercial Lovers...
This really isn't amusing or interesting, but since it's Groundhog's Day, I might as well mention it today. truTV is running this commercial during the Super Bowl and it features Troy Polamalu as Punxsutawney Phil. Actually, he's Punxsutawney Polamalu. Get it? How creative!
Bettor Beware
Courtesy BoDog.com
If you're an amateur one of those people who just likes to throw down some wagers on Super Bowl Sunday and have some fun with things like betting the coin toss, you should read this before opening any online accounts. If you're one of those people who just likes to see the variety of offbeat bets offered, check this out.
A Mother Not To Be Missed
Nick Swisher and Jim Nantz appeared on last night's strong episode of How I Met Your Mother, and in an upset, Nantz stole the show. The episode centers on Barney's quest to sleep with seven different women in seven nights, which is referred to as a "perfect week" throughout the show, allowing for tons of baseball references. You can watch a short clip here or the full episode here.
Random Links
Here's an old clip (that's new to YouTube) of a fan heckling Anna Kournikova. ... Rudy Gay had an embarrassing gaffe last night. ... Bill Parcells refuses to give Rex Ryan Breeder's Cup advice.
Sports Video Of The Day
Here's a Super Bowl parody set to the music from Super Mario Brothers.

The Onion Video Of The Day
Now, this is the kind of will-he-or-won't-he-retire story that's compelling. (Thanks to Eric G., of Phoenix, for the link.)

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