October 23, 2009
Tale of the Tape
SI.com's Nicki Jhabvala sizes up two cotton-tops who have a thing for flings.
Steve Phillips
David Letterman
Bobby Valentine Jay Leno
Disliked By ...
Anyone who watches Sunday Night Baseball Sarah Palin fans
Previous job
GM of the Mets Weatherman in Indianapolis
Notable On-Air Disaster
If one wasn't bad enough ... Definitely a higlight ... for everyone.
Too Much Information
Everything related to his recently-revealed affair and extortion attempt. Gross. Nasty images everywhere. Ew. Something about a birth mark.
When things go wrong ...
He'll probably take a leave of absence. He'll tell everyone on air and make us all feel incredibly awkward.
Easy Jabs at A-Rod
Lambasted the third basemen after failing to make him a Met. That's not very nice. Via, perhaps, one of his finest Top 10 Lists.
Karl Ravech Paul Schaffer

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