March 15, 2010
Monday, March 15, 2010
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Iverson's dark side led to downfall

The dark, previously unknown side of Allen Iverson is what has led to his downfall. Most of us have heard about the mistakes Iverson has made, but what about the teammates who witnessed them? What about Iverson being in casinos at 3 a.m. on game days? Before any of that, there was Iverson going from Denver to Detroit to Memphis inside of two years, missing 82 games along the way, and struggling to find a job before the Sixers came to the rescue two months ago. All while his health was deteriorating, reportedly along with that of his daughter Messiah -- before the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported his wife, Tawanna, had filed for a divorce last week and was pursuing custody of their five children. (Philadelphia Inquirer) Comment

Jones-for Tomlinson move will hurt Jets

If the Jets thought they were improving by taking in LaDainian Tomlinson, they are wrong. Here's the best way to judge this Thomas Jones-for- Tomlinson trade, even if Jones was fired before Tomlinson decided to bet the twilight of his Hall of Fame career on the Jets: Who would you rather have on your team, right now, after the 2009 season left the Jets' 2010 mission statement a Super Bowl-or-bust proposition? Nine out of 10 doctors (and general managers) agree Jones is the fresher, superior player, and the one more likely to help the Jets scale Mount Peyton next time around. (The Bergen Record) Comment

NHL's punishment process needs overhaul

The concussions aren't going anywhere, but the punishment process should be overhauled. Will hockey ever be concussion free? Not a chance. It is a game of contact in which bodychecking is essential, and in which fistfights are tolerated. That, plus sticks, plus ice, plus speed, plus players moving more freely now that some of the obstruction has been eliminated, means that collisions will happen and brain injuries will happen, unless the fundamental nature of the sport is changed to make it look more like ringette. (The Globe and Mail) Comment

Must-See Photo
Must-See Photo

Mario Moraes landed atop Marco Andretti during a wild crash at the start of the IndyCar race in Sao Paulo, Brazil on Sunday, March 14, 2010. Amazingly, Andretti wasn't hurt. (AP Photo/Andre Penner)

Must-See Video

Alex Ovechkin receives a boarding major and is ejected from the Capitals' game vs. the Blackhawks for injuring defenseman Brian Campbell.

This Day in Sports
SI Vault: More Oscar Robertson
  • 1869 -- Cincinnati Red Stockings become the first pro baseball team
  • 1912 -- Pitcher Cy Young retires with 511 career wins, the all-time mark
  • 1958 -- Oscar Robertson of Cincinnati scores an NCAA midwest regional record 56 points vs. Arkansas in 97-62 win
  • 1962 -- Wilt Chamberlain of the Philadelphia Warriors becomes the first NBA player to score 4,000 points in a season.
  • 1988 -- The St. Louis Cardinals of the NFL move to Phoenix, Arizona
  • 1997 -- Joe Mullen of the Pittsburgh Penguins becomes the first American player to score 500 career goals in the NHL

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