November 13, 2008
By Jimmy Traina
Kelli, Kelli, Kelli
Kelli :: Courtesy of Jaguars 2009 Cheerleader Calendar

We tried to think of a clever headline for several minutes, but all we kept thinking about was this. Anyway, here is a small sampling of the e-mails we've received since featuring Kelli, a lovely Jaguars cheerleader, in Tuesday's Hot Clicks: Brad, of New York: "Wow, hottest cheerleader ever?" Corri, of Toronto: "WOW!!! Who is that Jags cheerleader you led off with today? And where can I find more? She's the hottest NFL cheerleader I've seen this year! Hands down." Dugan (no hometown given): "Skip the links to the cheerleaders. Show more pictures of the Jaguars' cheerleader." Tyler Durden, of Mesa, Ariz.: "Please, more pictures of the Jaguars cheerleader. She is the most gorgeous thing that I have ever seen." Since we aim to please, we looked everywhere for more pictures of Kelli. The Jags Web site wasn't much of a help. But we still managed to find enough pictures to put together this photo gallery of Kelli in action. And one extremely kind Hot Clicks reader was awesome enough to e-mail us the above photo from the Jaguars 2009 Cheerleader Swimsuit Calendar. And for even more cheerleaders, you might want to start checking out's Cheerleader of the Day.

Rewriting History

Mondesi's House looks at 10 athletes whose legacies have been seriously altered. For some reason, Brett Favre, who shocked the world when he put on a uniform other than Green Bay's, didn't make the cut. We mention this because we want to show you one of the most nauseating promos we've ever seen. We actually threw up in our mouths a little bit while watching it.

Kerry, Kerry, Kerry

We said yesterday that Kerry Collins is more of an MVP candidate than Kurt Warner. We stand by the statement (just remember this: Larry Fitzgerald, Anquan Boldin and Steve Breaston vs. Justin Gage, Brandon Jones and Justin McCareins). And after seeing the "The Ballad of Kerry Collins" created by the geniuses at Tirico Suave, we're more convinced than ever that we're right.

Quiz Time
Starting Lineup Figures

Just a 7 out of 10 for us on's Starting Lineup Quiz.

Sapp Vs. Keyshawn

It sounds like it's time to start watching Inside the NFL again. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)

Random Links

Funniest thing we saw this morning was the Breaking News headline on "Tim Lincecum crushed by Cy Young trophy." ... Here are the greatest sports sweaters of all time ... Here are the winners of the Stupidest Parents of the Year Award.

WAGs On Facebook

For info on a WAG contest that's sweeping Brazil, join our Hot Clicks Facebook group page.

Campus Clicks
What man wouldn't want UCLA cheerleaders at his wedding? :: Courtesy of Bruce Yeung/Yeung Photography

Bride hires UCLA cheerleaders to surprise groom at wedding ... Top 10 epic failures of the BCS era ... Wisconsin lineman gives tips on blogging ... Video: Meeting her parents.

Sports Video Of The Day

David Wolff, of Elma, N.Y., writes "Check out this ref getting trucked at my high school's playoff game. He ended up being fine by the way!" We wanted to make sure the ref was fine before posting this because it's pretty hardcore -- and luckily he is.

Cute Kid Video Of The Day
This was the best part of the Phillies' parade a couple of weeks ago. (Thanks to Sean Powell, of Germany and Michael Pullano, of Philadelphia, for sending the link.)
Hottest Athletes Video Of The Day

In Game Now's "World's Hottest Athlete" contest is down to the Elite Eight and it's time for you to vote. Your reward for voting is the video below that sums up the tournament. And you can find individual videos for several of the ladies who are competing right here.

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