August 31, 2011
This Is Not A Joke
Kansas State mascot

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The e-mails started coming in mid-afternoon Tuesday and they wouldn't stop. Everyone was alerting me to Kansas State's new mascot, EcoKat. According to the school, EcoKat is a "crusader of conservation and fanatic of fluorescents." If that doesn't intimidate Big 12 opponents, I don't know what will.
Time To Do Some Research
ESPN analyst Matt Millen doesn't seem prepared for the college football season, which starts tomorrow.
Important Information
Just in time for college football and NFL season comes this Wikipedia-like site dedicated to tailgaiting. has information on all the venues you'll be hanging out at on Saturdays and Sundays over the next several months.
Photo Gallery Of The Day
Jaime Edmondson ::
Here's a new photo gallery of Hot Clicks Nation favorite Jaime Edmondson. Oh yeah, those are Cam Newton's pants.
He Sleeps With The Fishes
Check out the aquariums in Chad Ochocinco's house.
Nowhere To Go But Down
On Aug. 19, Summit High School in Tennessee played its first ever football game. This was the opening play. (Thanks to Ted Hartung, of Interlaken, N.J., for the link.)
Sports Video Of The Day
Here's No. 12 in black, laying the wood on a block! (Thanks to Matt, of Chicago, for the link.)

Bill Belichick Video Of The Day has taken an outdated page from and made this trailer for an upcoming documentary about the Pats coach "unembeddable." (Is that even a word? Should it be "not embeddable?") Anyway, the point is the trailer is outstanding and the show looks like a must-watch. So, click the link and check it out. And since I couldn't embed it for you, here's Belichick singing with Charlie Weis and Jon Bon Jovi.

News Blooper Of The Day
This is an old clip that was just uploaded to YouTube. Seeing the weather on screen while the reporter laughs through a story about a car accident is simply gold.

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