October 05, 2010
Special Day
Jaime Edmondson :: TheSmokingJacket.com

The feedback that came in from Monday's A.M. Hot Clicks, which featured model Jaime Edmondson sporting a Ravens outfit, was pretty much record setting. In fact, several readers said I should feature Edmondson all week. I won't go that far, but after the Patriots' absurd special teams performance last night and the one-man show put on by safety Patrick Chung, it seems only fitting to honor the Patriots. So in an unprecedented move, I'm featuring Edmondson for a second day in a row.
No Fun League Strikes Again
You know that over-the-top sack celebration Vikings end Jared Allen performs after taking down a quarterback? The NFL has told him to tone it down.
Knox Knocked Down
Antonio Garza, of Monterrey, Mexico, says, "Hi, Jimmy. Read your column every day. Not all sideline reporters are as attractive as Erin Andrews, but Jim Knox from FSN is pretty entertaining. Did you see him running with Ralphie in Boulder, Col., last Saturday? He took one from the team!" Chris, of Mobile, Ala., also sent in the very amusing video.
Nike Air Retro
If you've always wanted a sneaker that has Michael Jackson guarding Michael Jordan on it, you're in luck.
Worst Sports-Talk Radio Caller Ever
The folks at JoeBucsFan.com alerted me to this caller to a Tampa sports-talk station, who claimed that the Rays are starting James Shields in Game 2 of the ALDS because he's Jewish. The reaction of the host is pretty outstanding.
Everyone Wants To Be An Actor
Steve Nash gets waxed in this promo for FIFA Soccer 11. ... Tony Romo made a Funny or Die video with Fred Willard. .... Alex Ovechkin's head stars in a new commercial.
Sports Video Of The Day
It takes about 40 seconds for this video to get going, but once it does, it's pretty spectacular. It's the audio from The Social Network trailer (excellent movie by the way, go see it.) mashed up with corresponding images from the NFL.

Music Video Of The Day
A homeless guy, with the help of two Kermit the Frogs, performs the Queen/David Bowie classic, Under Pressure.

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