December 22, 2010
Jaime Edmondson :: Larry Marano/Getty Images

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Before we get started with the Clicks, a quick programming note: This will be the only edition of Hot Clicks today. There will be one edition tomorrow (Thursday) and one on Friday, Christmas Eve. Then, Andy Gray will handle duties next week (and a little of the following week) while I spend my time losing money at the Borgata in Atlantic City, lamenting the lameness of New Year's Eve, watching betting every bowl game and returning the crappy Christmas gifts everyone has bought me. Now onto the show...

I couldn't possibly end the year end without featuring Hot Clicks favorite Jaime Edmondson one more time. But today, I actually have some news. First, Edmondson is up for Playboy's coveted Playmate of the Year award and needs you to vote, which you can do at this Safe For Work site. Second, since Jaime's NFL photoshoot for The Smoking Jacket was such a huge hit, the site is working on a Part 2. This time, Jaime will do a shoot recreating three memorable Super Bowl moments. And The Smoking Jacket wants Hot Clicks Nation to decide which jerseys Jaime should wear, so vote in the poll below.

Youthful Exuberance
Capitals rookie Andrew Gordon scored his first NHL goal last night and then planted a kiss on the man who got the assist, Marcus Johansson.
He's Not Just One Of The Nation's Best Coaches
Michigan St. coach Tom Izzo played the accordion earlier this week while his team sang Jingle Bells.
Wrapping Up The Year With C.J. Wilson
C.J. Wilson :: AP
I also wanted to chat with Texas Rangers pitcher C.J. Wilson one more time before the year ended since he became a friend of Hot Clicks in 2010. So here's a new Q&A with Wilson in which we discuss a wide variety of topics including Cliff Lee, Brett Favre, Mark Zuckerberg, the iPad, the phenomenon of athletes texting dirty pictures and more.
Family Feud?
Kim Kardashian has some beef with Kobe Bryant. This could make Christmas uncomfortable for Bryant's teammate and Kardashian's brother-in-law, Lamar Odom.
Speaking Of The Lakers...
Phil Jackson is not happy about the Lakes always playing on Christmas Day. Call me a sap, but I agree with him. Everyone should be off that day.
Sports Video Of The Day
Since people doing shady things on the sidelines during returns is all the rage in the NFL these days, fans are keeping their eyes open for more shenanigans. Jack Herbon, of Mount Prospect, Ill., for example, e-mailed me to ask if there was another incident on Monday night during Devin Hester's TD return. Check out Erin Henderson (No. 50) of the Vikings coming out of nowhere at the :17 second mark and then on the replay at the :43 second mark. It looks like Henderson was pushed WAY out of bounds by two Bears during the play and didn't just come off the sidelines. But it's still funny to see where Henderson came from on the play.

Food Video Of The Day
You've never seen a gingerbread house like this.

Music Video Of The Day
Completely forgot to post this last week. Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly as David Bowie and Bing Crosby doing Peace on Earth and Little Drummer Boy.

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