September 28, 2009
By Jimmy Traina
Tops On TV
Jana Kramer
Jana Kramer : Charley Gallay/Getty Images
Kris M., of Knoxville, Ill., and Bryan, of Virginia, both requested that Hot Clicks feature actress Jana Kramer after she recently appeared on Entourage. Kramer also stars on One Tree Hill. However, it wasn't either of those things that got her top billing today. It was the fact that she appeared on Friday Night Lights for a few episodes as Noelle, who had a fling with Smash. Speaking of FNL, the show returns to DirecTV (channel 101) one month from today, October 28. In honor of that occasion, Bleacher Report is looking at the 20 Hottest Women of Sports TV Shows.
College Football Roundup

The best signs from ESPN's Gameday. ... The massive hit on Tim Tebow ... Texas Tech is having some big problems with its players and Twitter.

Great Gaffes
Lions Roar
Lions fans
Lions fan :: AP

Hot Clicks was set to go with a picture of a Lions cheerleader to lead things off today, but the team does not have cheerleaders. I won't point out how dumb that is since this is a day for celebration in Detroit after the Lions snapped a 19-game losing streak against the Redskins yesterday. To see how both sides are handling things, check out this live blog from a Lions fan who started writing his "Epic Fail Diary" during Detroit's historic losing streak. And for the flip side, Washington blog, breaks down the stages of such a tough loss.

Interesting Couple Of Weeks For Rodney Harrison

Last week, we thought there was a big Kerry Rhodes-Rodney Harrison feud going on until we learned that Harrison's Twitter page was a fake. However, there is now a Terrell Owens-Rodney Harrison feud, in which Owens plays the steroids card, and it's not fake.

Random Links

Saturday Night Live's newest cast member, Jenny Slate, got the new season off to an interesting start. She casually dropped an F-bomb during a sketch. ... Here are the 100 worst movies of the past 10 years. ... Here are the 25 biggest TV bombs.

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Sports Video Of The Day
It looks like Hot Clicks' look at great college football leaps is going to continue for a while. Joe Wright, of Eugene, Ore. and Matt, of Eugene, Ore., sent in this clip from last season that features a guy you may have heard of recently.
Viral Videos Of The Day
Here are 100 YouTube viral videos in four minutes.
Mind Game Video Of The Day
I tried this three times. All I can say is, FREAKY! (Thanks to Syed Thombie, of Mississauga, Ontario, for the link.)
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