September 17, 2008
By Jimmy Traina
Inside Scoop
Jenn Brown :: MJ Kim/Getty Images

Thanks to DirecTV's Sunday Ticket, ESPNNews and this little invention known as the Internet, Inside the NFL hasn't been relevant for years, but that may have just changed. The show has hired "television personality and event reporter" Jenn Brown (we'll be honest, we've never heard of her before, but we did watch this video of Jenn's hosting reel and enjoyed it a lot.) as a special correspondent. (UPDATE: 11:32 a.m.: Chris, of Cincy, writes "Jenn Brown starred on Bikini Destinations. My fav. HDTV show. Check it out. Good stuff.")

Jersey Talk
The DC Sports Bog has a piece on the 25 top-selling NFL jerseys, from April 1 to Aug. 26. Chris Cooley has shot up to No. 19. We wonder if recent events will make him rise even more.
It's Not All Bad For Derek Jeter

Three items from today's New York Post. Since it's a day of the week that ends with "y," Derek Jeter reportedly has a new woman. Meanwhile, Stacy Keibler reportedly hooked up with E from Entourage, which allows us to mention something we've wanted to mention for a while now. How bad is Entourage? It started to go down hill two seasons ago, but this season is unwatchable. OK, we feel better now.

DeSean Jackson Fallout
Leon Lett :: Rick Stewart/Getty Images

DeSean Jackson's premature celebration has inspired The Sporting Blog to break down The Five Standard Hotdog Moves in Sports. Meanwhile, InGameNow looks at 7 Plays Dumber than DeSean Jackson's.

Subpar Streaker

Kyle Low, of Gold Coast, Australia, e-mailed this link and said, "A streaker at a cricket match in Australia tripped over and knocked himself out... grainy video, but still funny!"

For No Reason -- Erin Andrews

Steve Alvarado, of Rochester, Minn., checked in with this e-mail. "I'm sure Hot Clicks is all over this, but in case it was missed, Erin Andrews has her own baseball card.

Unintentional Comedy

Howie Long's Firestorm makes's list of 12 Action Movies That Are Actually Comedies.

Sports Illustrated And Airports

If you like Sports Illustrated and you're at a Detroit airport, you're in luck. However, if you're at the Denver airport and want to check out Hot Clicks or anything else on, don't hold your breath.

Campus Clicks
Mark Sanchez, Pete Carroll, Song Girls :: AP: Kevin Reece/Icon SMI

Must-see pics from USC ... Not all SEC football is exciting ... Georgia Tech's Paul Johnson is not a fan of announcers ... Top seven football stories ... Video: Northwestern fans.

Megan Fox On Facebook

Check out Hot Clicks Facebook group for some must-see Megan Fox pics.

Sports Video Of The Day

Take the lowlights from Michigan's loss to Notre Dame this past Saturday, add in some Benny Hill music and bang -- you have comedy gold. (Thanks to Steve W., of Ann Arbor, Mich., for sending the link.)

Totally Gratuitous Megan Fox Video Of The Day

We can't remember the last non-sports story that generated as much e-mail to our inbox than Megan Fox appearing on the cover and GQ and telling the magazine about her past affair with a stripper. Amanda, of Vancouver Island, (yes, AMANDA!) sent this link and wrote, "I thought for sure you would have had this up already -- and you did, but you didn't mention Megan's love for strippers. The hate for Disney is awesome, but the love for girls is almost better." Marvin, of Toronto, chimed in with this video of Fox's appearance -- in a bikini -- on Two and a Half Men.

Cardinals-Cubs Preview Video Of The Day

Maybe it's just us, but we can watch these Hitler videos all day long. In the latest offering, the dictator offers some thoughts on the upcoming weekend series between the Cardinals and Cubs.

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