June 17, 2008
The Links
Football Fads: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

The good (Jenn Sterger) meets the bad (D-fence signs). :: Jenn Sterger, John Cordes/US PRESSWIRE
Not all fads are created equal, so Bleacher Report is here with college football's good, bad and ugly. Some highlights - the good: hot girls in hot team attire (think Jenn Sterger), the bad: D-Fence signs (Zzzzz), and the ugly: bench seating (let's be honest, we're all getting too fat).
No Tebow Two-peat
Tim Teabow will not win the Heisman Trophy this season. For support, Heisman Pundit invokes "Heismandment No. 9," which states quite clearly that there will never be another two-time winner.
A Bright Idea
The line between real life and video games continues to blur. Just look at the lite-brite-esque motion capture technology Ohio State strapped onto Terrelle Pryor to test for weak body areas.
'Bama Coaching Jinx
Another former Alabama football coach has landed in a "truly horrendous job," and columnist Paul Finebaum thinks he's discovered a jinx on former 'Bama coaches.
Your Daily Cheerleader Dose

Will our former Cheerleader of the Week Lauren win the Showdown? :: Peter Schlitt/Sports Illustrated
Over at CO-ED, three of our former Cheerleaders of the Week are competing in a Cheerleader Showdown. We love them all, so we won't be casting a vote, but you should. Meanwhile, today's "Partying with College Cheerleaders" lesson, courtesy of Western Connecticut: The best way to stay warm in the snow is to wear almost nothing.
Dumb Arrest of the Day
Five college students tried to steal a baby alligator from a mini-golf course in Daytona Beach.
What, No Love for Brown?
We once heard that students who apply to multiple Ivy League colleges risk triggering each school's jealous tendencies, and thus undermine their chances of getting into any. Not so for young Lukasz Zbylut, who just turned down Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Penn, Princeton and Yale (not to mention Georgetown, NYU and Stanford) to go to Harvard.
Is this Michigan's New Road Uniform?
And if so, was it intentionally designed to look as similar to West Virginia's as possible to make Rich Rodriguez feel more at home?
Pop Culture Nugget
Miley Cyrus' dad (of Nashville Star fame) didn't mind her semi-nude pictures.
Today in Hot Clicks
Stacy Keibler eBay item ... Sports movie montages ... Bush can't play basketball ... Dumb soccer writer ... Other ways to fire Willie ... Funny fantasy names ... Video: Kid boxer ... Mean aunt ... Classic Letterman.
Odds and Ends
Here's your Day 3 CWS recap ... Iowa students are still dealing with the flooding ... Illinois running back Rashard Mendenhall almost left the team ... Phil Fulmer is getting a fat raise.
Videos of the Day
Saran Wrap Race

This is why most people only put Saran Wrap around plates of leftovers.

Saran Wrap Teacher Race Faceplant - Watch more free videos
Once You Pop...

Sticking with yesterday's Pringles theme, check out this old-school TV spot featuring a young Brad Pitt.

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