June 21, 2010
This Will Tug At Your Heartstrings
Fred Lewis, John McDonald :: Abelimages/Getty Images

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The player on the right, pointing up to the sky after hitting a home run Sunday, is Blue Jays infielder John McDonald. You must read this story to find out the significance of the home run, and then watch the video.
Today's "Courting LeBron" Update
The Lake Erie Crushers of the Frontier League will hold "Save The King" night next Wednesday. Among the antics taking place: the team is offering LeBron James a max contract, which for the Frontier League is $1,600 per month. That should totally do the trick.
Annoy Your Co-Workers With This Game
Move over, Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Here comes Vuvuzela Hero.
Lovely Lady Of The Day
Jennifer Ellison :: Tim Whitby/Getty Images
Bryan Kreener of London, England, says, "Jimmy, I know you're featured a lot of WAGs recently, but you haven't mentioned Jennifer Ellison, who is a blast from the past. She dated a footballer many years ago, but she's currently married to a boxer. She would make a great LLOD." Yes, she would.
Never A Dull Moment In Philly
This gives new meaning to the term "down in front."
SI Vault Photo Of The Day
Check out Tommy Lasorda as a guest star on the classic sitcom, Silver Spoons.
Weatherman Video Of The Day
The Lakers title has this guy very, very excited.

Feisty Dog Video Of The Day
That's what you get for honking.

Lucky Guy Video Of The Day
This man somehow escapes injury (or death).

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