July 27, 2011
Worst. Call. Ever.
Julio Lugo: MLB.com

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See the picture above? That's Braves infielder Julio Lugo trying to score from third on a groundball to win the game against the Pirates. The home plate umpire, Jerry Meals, called Lugo safe. Clearly, 19 innings was enough for him.
Also From Last Night...
Padres second baseman Orlando Hudson fell victim to the embarrassing "throw the ball into the crowd even though there are only two outs" gaffe. And Phillies second baseman Chase Utley hit an inside-the-park home run that was capped off with a great head-first dive into homeplate.
Dumbest Thing You'll Read Today
Boise State's football team will not be allowed to wear its blue uniforms at home during conference games this season. Apparently, Boise's opponents think the team has an unfair advantage because the blue uniforms mix in with the blue turf.
Photo Gallery Of The Day
Jess Gysin :: Marc Serota/Getty Images
As part of his new career as a volleyball player, Timberwolves forward Kevin Love practiced in Times Square yesterday. One of his partners was former USC All-America volleyballer, Jess Gysin.
Down To The Finals
I must be way out of the loop because I really don't get the Joe Buck hate. I'm not saying Buck is a good or bad broadcaster. All I'm saying is that I don't understand how after seeing the whole field how can he be in the finals of Awful Announcing's worst announcer on TV tournament against Craig James? Anyway, you can vote for the winner, er loser, here.
The Hot Clicks Podcast
In case you missed it yesterday, Timberwolves forward and new professional volleyball player, Kevin Love, joined the show. I recommend listening to it so you can hear him talk about how he asked his best friend's girlfriend to his senior prom (without telling his best friend and girlfriend he was going to do so). Listen to it below or download it on iTunes.

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Sports Video Of The Day
Prolific Tweeter (and Marlins outfielder), Logan Morrison got attacked by a praying mantis during last night's game against the Nationals. His reaction was priceless.

Jimmy Kimmel Video Of The Day
WWE wrestler CM Punk recently paid a visit to a six-year-old relative of Kimmel's. The kid is not a CM Punk fan. The result is the very funny video below. There is also a Part 2, which you can watch here.

Apple Story Video Of The Day
Via BroBible.com comes this video of a guy trying to get away with as much ridiculous stuff as possible while in an Apple store.

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