May 11, 2011
This Isn't From A Lucha Libre Match
Angels fans :: Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

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Angels fans broke the Guinness World Record last night for the largest gathering of people wearing costumed masks.
Hockeytown, Indeed
The Red Wings climbed out of a 3-0 series hole against the Sharks to even things up with a Game 6 win last night. (Game 7 is Thursday night in San Jose.) My guess is that no one was more excited than these people.
Baseball's New Trend
Last month Hot Clicks featured video of a member of the Royals grounds crew getting stuck under the tarp. The same thing happened last night to a Coors Field worker.
Photo Gallery Of The Day
Jessica Alba :: Dominique Charriau/Getty Images
A recent survey of more than 30,000 Americans revealed which celebrity men and women most want to have an affair with. Jessica Alba came out on top (15 percent), edging Megan Fox (14.4 percent). Thanks to Seth, of Kennewick, Wash., for the link.
Thanks For Clearing That Up
One of the greatest newspaper corrections you'll ever see involves Mets pitcher R.A. Dickey and hobbits. (Thanks to Andy, of Eau Claire, Wis., for the link.)
It's Your Fault, Roger
Some people got all worked up earlier this week when Reggie Bush tweeted that he's enjoying the downtime the NFL lockout has given him. Personally, I don't see what the big deal is about Bush's remarks. The dude said he's relaxing and resting. I say, good for him. He's entitled to enjoy his time and do what he wants while the owners have locked out the players. In the case of Seahawks teammates Raheem Brock and Chester Pitts, they're not resting and relaxing. They're spending their time prank calling commissioner Roger Goodell.
Sports Video Of The Day
BYU and Air Force made the most of a rain delay before a baseball game last month. They entertained the crowd with human bowling, dance routines, slip-and-slide antics, and more. (Thanks to Rob, of Sandy, Utah, for the link.)

Movie Sandwich Video Of The Day
Yesterday's A.M. Hot Clicks featured a video compilation of sandwiches made in movies. Brandon, of Toronto, Dan Almon, of Warwick, R.I., and Mike Cuzzone, of Chicago, were all outraged that the Back to School sandwich scene was omitted. So here it is.

Ridiculous Product Video Of The Day
Baldo Besich, of Tempe, Ari., says, "Jimmy if this doesn't get me on Hot Clicks I don't know what will! My wife is going to hate me when I get this for her birthday on Friday."

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