May 28, 2009
By Jimmy Traina
Safety First
Jessicqa Pace
Jessiqa Pace

The Indianapolis 500 may have dominated the racing headlines last weekend, but this was by far the best racing story. A billboard featuring model Jessiqa Pace on the racetrack at the Monaco Grand Prix had to be removed because it distracted the Formula 1 drivers. After checking out Pace's pictures, I'm sure you'll agree that you can't really blame them. (Thanks to Matt Templon, of Milwaukee, for the link.)

Erin Andrews Wants To Dance

Things have been relatively quiet on the Erin Andrews' front for a couple of weeks, but that's about to change. She's covering the Spelling Bee that airs on ABC tonight. She also revealed her desire to be on Dancing with the Stars in this Sporting Blog interview. But let's be honest ... Spelling Bee, Dancing with the Stars, Sporting Blog interview ... none of it matters. Only this matters.

Speaking Of Dancing...

Upper Deck recently asked a slew of NFL rookies to perform their touchdown dances. Mark Sanchez's was awful. Matt Stafford's was very solid. Knowshon Moreno's was awesome.

Tip: Don't Talk About Politics, Religion or Joba
Joba Chamberlain
Joba Chamberlain :: Nick Laham/Getty Images
You may think gay marriage, Judge Sonia Sotomayor's Supreme Court nomination and the possibility American Idol was rigged are the three biggest hot-button topics in the country right now, but in New York, all of those things take a back seat to the most controversial matter the city has ever seen: Should Joba Chamberlain be in the bullpen? If you don't believe me, just check out this awesome clip from yesterday's Mike Francesa show on WFAN/YES. You MUST stick with it for a bit because Francesa ERUPTS at the 1:50 mark before going into his trademark handwave.
Pot, Meet Kettle

Let's see if I can explain this story properly. Red Wings fan flips a double bird at the refs during last night's game. CBC sportscaster gets all hot and bothered about the fan's gesture. Sportscaster then calls fan a "putz" on the air.

Someone Finally Speaks The Truth

"I think he has been a great flamboyant quarterback, but he has made more stupid plays than any great quarterback that I've ever seen. Look at his final game in a Packers uniform. He blew that game against the Giants." That's Fran Tarkenton, with just one of many rips on Brett Favre.

Oddball Stories

Former New York Jets wide receiver Wayne Chrebet just got hired by Morgan Stanley as a financial adviser (Thanks to Diana Galvin, of Doylestown, Pa., for the link.) ... Unbeknownst to her, the contents Sheryl Swoopes' storage unit were just auctioned off (Thanks to Jayson, of Fort Worth, Texas, for the link.) ... UFC fighter Clay Guida was left out of a video game because the makers couldn't perfect his crazy hair.

Twitter And Faceboook
Sports Video Of The Day

Quick, watch this before they take it down. (Thanks to Tim LaBerge, of Minneapolis, for the link.)

Acting Video Of The Day

Here's your front-runner for the 2010 Best Lead Actor Award. (Thanks to Alti, of Chicago, for the link.)

Acrobat Video Of The Day

You may need a Dramamine after watching this guy flip around, but it's still worth watching. (Thanks to Jeremy Field, Newark, Del., for the link.)

Bad Commercial Of The Day

At least it's easy to remember the phone number.

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