January 27, 2010
Quiz Time
Garrett Hartley :: Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

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Can you tell the difference between a world leader or an NFL placekicker?
Boeheim Works Blue
In case you missed it, Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim got a little risque during his postgame press conference Monday night.
No, I'm Not Talking About Her Butt
If you'll be in Miami for the Super Bowl next week, you'll have no trouble at all spotting Kim Kardashian.
Lovely Lady Of The Day
Julie Bowen :: Jeffrey Mayer/Getty Images
Anthony Carvalho, of Henderson Nev., says, "Hey, Jimmy, Modern Family is a great, new funny show, and I was wondering if you would show Julie Bowen as the Lovely Lady of the Day?" I will give Bowen this honor so I can remind viewers of this terrific show that's on at 8 p.m. ET tonight, not 9 p.m., because of President Obama's State of the Union address. Watch/record accordingly.
SI Vault Photo Of The Day
Phil Jackson rocked quite the look in during his playing days.
Offbeat Web Site Of The Day
John, of Addison, Texas, says, "Jimmy, some of us guys at the office have started a new Friday tradition. After noticing all the baked goods that some contractors kept in their room, we became a bit jealous of how much fun they must be having buying cakes and cupcakes everyday. To fix it, we came up with www.cakefriday.com. Please enjoy the cakes of our labor in trying to make a work week happy." (Warning: Link contains strong language.)
Sports Video Of The Day
The best part of this 1983 Saints "Who Dat" video might be all the highlights of the Buccaneers wearing their awesome orange jerseys.

Commercial Of The Day
Well, this isn't a real commercial, but it's how a Twister commercial should look. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)

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