July 02, 2010
Lovely Ladies Of The Day
Joanna Krupa, Julianne Hough :: Getty Images

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For Fourth of July weekend, it seems appropriate that all these fine ladies sporting the American flag get LLOD honors.
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Dog Vs. Vuvuzela
This doesn't end well.

With Friends Like These...
Gold-medal winner Ryan Getzlaf taunts silver-medal-winning Anaheim Ducks teammate Bobby Ryan.

So Ahead Of His Time
Walter Payton ran the "Wildcat" in 1984.

Never A Dull Moment With This Guy
Check out a day in the life of Chris Cooley.

She's Not Just A Dancer
Erin Andrews shows off her sporty side.

'Why Didn't You Guys Try Last Year?'
Stephen Colbert interviews Knicks coach Mike D'Antoni.

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A Diss-fest
The 100 greatest movie insults of all time. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)

Stick To Fish
Why would you ever catch a baby shark? (Warning: Link contains strong language.)

Know Your Guests
This is just a cringe-worthy gaffe.

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