December 20, 2010
Not So Brotherly Love
Cliff Lee, DeSean Jackson :: Getty Images

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If you hate New York (and judging by the e-mails and Tweets I get, you do), you'll enjoy this amusing video that details how Philadelphia has enjoyed some recent domination over the Big Apple.
Sal Alosi's New Best Friend
The Sal Alosi trip looks like child's play compared to what Carolina Panthers defensive end Tyler Brayton did last week to the Falcons cornerback Chris Owens.
That's Rough
A trio of New York Islanders players wanted to spread some holiday cheer to sick children in the Long Island area, so they visited a local hospital. However, the players felt the wrath of being on a team that's 6-18-6 and were heckled by nurses.
Lovely Lady Of The Day
Julianne Hough :: Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images
Hot Clicks loves it when commercials or videos cause controversy, so Julianne Hough is getting today's LLOD honors because her new video, Is That So Wrong, apparently is too steamy to air on CMT.
How'd They Get Waffles Into The Arena?
You'd thinking dressing up as Green Men would be enough for some hockey fans, but you'd be wrong. They need to go the extra step of throwing waffles at a player in the penalty box.
Random Links
The AHL's Binghamton Senators celebrated Festivus (for the rest of us) on Saturday. ... A huge brawl broke out at a Lingeire football game over the weekend. ...Clippers forward Blake Griffin continues to be a human highlight film. ... A Ravens cheerleader breaks down the team's big win over the Saints.
Sports Video Of The Day
It's safe to say this guy is the worst hurdler in the world. (Thanks to John, of Los Angeles, for the link.)

Music Video Of The Day
A Christmas classic gets reworked as a tribute to Kobe Bryant.

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