May 21, 2009
By Jimmy Traina
A Night Of Upsets
Kara DioGuardi
Kara DioGuardi :: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The Orlando Magic pulled off a stunner last night by erasing a 15-point halftime deficit and handing the Cleveland Cavaliers their third loss in 46 home games this season to take a 1-0 lead in the Eastern Conference finals. Meanwhile, Adam Lambert suffered the same fate as the Cavs, because Kris Allen shocked the world by winning American Idol. And each event featured a surreal moment. Dwight Howard caused the shot clock to collapse after a monster dunk, while KISS -- yes, KISS -- performed on Idol. But while KISS' appearance was a highlight, it wasn't the highlight. That was judge Kara DioGuardi ripping off her dress to upstage "Bikini Girl."

If They Can't Do This Right ...

There was another lineup-card blunder last night. This one involved the Houston Astros. It was even more confusing than the Rays' mess-up over the weekend that forced pitcher Andy Sonnanstine to bat third.

Playmaker's Show Has Promise

Are any of you watching Michael Irvin's reality show, 4th and Long, that debuted this week on Spike TV? I haven't gotten one e-mail about it, but after reading and seeing this, maybe we should all give it a shot.

Can't Get Enough Of The Cooleys
Chris Cooley, Christy Cooley
Chris and Christy Cooley
Chris Cooley was recently joined by his wife, Christy, for this amusing segment on the NFL Network's Total Access. Stick with the whole thing because the good stuff -- Christy busting Chris for his love of drawing naked women and Chris revealing that he enjoys a sandwich that consists of peanut butter, ham and mustard -- is in the second half.
WWE Vs. Denver Nuggets: Day 3

Vince McMahaon is moving Monday Night Raw to the Staples Center. But he's still making sure to stir the pot and take verbal jabs at the Nuggets.


Last Saturday, the Washington Nationals decided to shoot sausages, wrapped up in T-shirts, into the stands, using a small cannon. Things did not go well.

Torry's Twitter

Torry Holt recently took some advice from Joe Sports Fan via Twitter. Speaking of Twitter, you can follow me for more links. And speaking of me and Joe Sports Fan, they were kind enough to have me on their weekly podcast last week and you can listen to it here.

WAGs Update

Doesn't it seem like new Gisele Bundchen bikini pics hit the 'Net every week? ... Speaking of bikinis, Kim Kardashian likes to wear one while practicing football.

Undie Run Coverage And Must-See Commercial ...
Sports Video Of The Day

Kim Kardashian was mentioned earlier. Well, her boyfriend is not a fan of fast airplanes. (Thanks to Sean, of Syracuse, for the link.)

Sound Effects Video Of The Day

I can't figure out if this is creative, disturbing, funny or all three. But it is amazing to see what adding sound effects does to a video. (Thanks to Clay, of Des Moines, Iowa, for the link.)

Dangers Of Smoking Video Of The Day

Don't leave your cigarettes burning.

Bad Commercial Of The Day

I apologize in advance. (Thanks to Charlie, of Atlanta, for the link.)

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