August 11, 2009
By Jimmy Traina
Kari On!
Kari Klinkenborg
Kari Klinkenborg :: Kari Klinkenborg/Courtesy of
I'm one of the few people watching The T.O. Show on VH-1 (last week it tied for the 798th-highest-rated cable show of the week). But my loyalty paid off last night when we were introduced to Terrell Owens' on-again/off-again girlfriend, Kari Klinkenborg. (For those who want to see Kari on the show, it re-airs today at 1 p.m. ET and 6:30 p.m. ET.) It turns out that Kari is not only stunning but she also has a sports background. The 23-year-old model played volleyball at the University of Florida. In fact, she was the subject of this piece two-and-a-half years ago. The column mentions that she'd like to be in SI's Swimsuit Issue. Hopefully someone around here reads Hot Clicks and is paying attention to this!
No Fun League At It Again

I'm beginning to think that nobody enjoys having power more than NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. It's one thing for him to act like a tough guy when disciplining players who've committed crimes or embarrassed the game in a legitimate way. But seeing Chris Cooley's blog post about the absurd list of rules regarding what players can and cannot wear during games, I really think Goodell might have some issues.

Speaking Of Cooley ...

The Hot Clicks favorite and his brother recently made a wager with the Mottram brothers, who run The challenge was to see which pair of brothers could throw a football the greatest distance. You'd think the team with the NFL player would beat the team that consists of two bloggers, but ...

Fun With Photos
Apple store
Apple story

This is the scene inside your typical Apple store. There's always a sense of anarchy as it's filled with customers, many of whom are playing with iPods and computers -- just like this guy. More photo links: The 100 funniest sports photos of all time. ... Celebrity photo bombers. ... The 12 baddest bald pro athletes.

The Lost Tweets

Bleacher Report imagines what sports figures would've tweeted had Twitter been around for some of sports' most memorable moments.

Evil Empire Striking Again

Here's something for those who think there's too much Yankees stuff in Hot Clicks (an on my Twitter feed).

Random Links

Hot Clicks featured Dolphins cheerleaders yesterday, and now today, too. ... Here are some awesomely bad infomercials from the '90s. ... Try your hand at this fantasy football quiz.

New Items Added To Facebook

The Hot Clicks Facebook page has been updated with new links, and you can always get more stuff throughout the day via Twitter.

Sports Video Of The Day
This is so much more impressive than anything Lance Armstrong has ever done. (Thanks to Chris Mattox, of Dallas, for the link.)
Acrobat Video Of The Day
This guy is good. (Thanks to Sean, of Toronto, for the link.)
Guitar Hero + Rubik's Cube Video Of The Day

I'm not even sure what's going on here but a ton of you have sent it to me.

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