September 13, 2010
Ochocinco Steps Into The Ring
Chad Ochocinco : Michael J. LeBrecht II/Deuce Photography

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You've seen Chad the receiver. You've seen Chad the reality TV star. Are you ready for Chad the wrestler? Find out tonight when Chad Ochocinco hosts WWE's Monday Night Raw, live from Cincinnati. While I don't expect him to wrestle, anything with Ochocinco is usually entertaining -- just watch this video of him interrupting Bob Holtzman's halftime report during yesterday's Patriots-Bengals game. And if he can somehow get the Bella Twins in bikinis, so much the better.
Too Much Lady Gaga
There is a time and place for Lady Gaga, such as last night's MTV Music Awards, where she wore a dress made entirely of meat, but college football is not one of them. Unfortunately, the Michigan marching band missed the memo.
Athletes Who Look Like Fictional Characters
Any list that compares Lou Holtz to Grandpa from The Simpsons is OK with me.
Lovely Lady Of The Day
Karissa Gilham :: Courtesy of Maxim
Last time I filled in on Hot Clicks, I found an old photo of Nicole Eggert and made her the Lovely Lady of the Day. I'd like to use this space to publicly apologize for this fiasco. It was lazy and I should do better. And by better, I mean Karissa Gilham, an Australian model who recently won Maxim UK's Bottom of the Year Award. I'm sure her parents are proud. If you want to recommend someone for tomorrow (yes, Jimmy is off again), please send your requests to
Remembering Paris And Urlacher
These photos of female celebrities in NFL jerseys reminded me of the short-lived romance between Paris Hilton and Brian Urlacher. I did some investigating and found this quote from the Bears' linebacker about their time together: "We met, had a good time in Vegas, and she came to a game. That was about it. She's a nice girl." I'll let you draw your own conclusions.
Are You Ready For Some Football?
In honor of tonight's doubleheader of Monday Night Football, here are some great MNF intros of yesteryear.
SI Vault Photo Of The Day
When I'm not filling in for Jimmy, I run the SI Vault, which has every article ever printed in SI for free. I also like to post old and embarrassing photos of athletes to the SI Vault Twitter feed, such as this pic from 1962 of Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus sucking down their cigarettes while waiting to tee off.
Random Links
Who needs a pro shop when you can create your own Sam Bradford jersey? ... How NFL teams got their nicknames. ... If you didn't get enough Ines Sainz this morning, here are a bunch more shots of the TV reporter and enemy of the Jets. ... Steve Harvey is now hosting The Family Feud. ... Here are the 30 hottest women at last night's MTV Music Awards. ... Lastly, just wanted to thank everyone who wrote in explaining why The Wonder Years isn't in syndication -- apparently rights to the music used in the show are just way too expensive.
Fan Pelted With Beer Video Of The Day
An Iowa State fan isn't treated too kindly by the students at Iowa.

Oyster Eating Video Of The Day
An Alabama citizen eats 403 raw oysters in an hour.

Oyster sets record -- you won't believe how
Shaq Video Of The Day
In honor of Ochocinco's appearance on WWE Monday Night Raw tonight, here's footage from last July when Shaquille O'Neal hosted the show.

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