January 05, 2010
One Positive for Giants Fans
Kate Mara :: Mark Davis/Getty Images

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It's been less than two years since the Giants stunned the NFL world and won the Super Bowl, but that now seems like an eternity. The G-Men finished the year a disappointing 8-8, including two blowout losses to conclude the season. Nobody from the squad made Peter King's All-Pro team and Eli Manning will now be forced to watch his brother do his thing - just like when they were little boys. Nobody is more upset about this than co-owner John Mara, who said the season felt "more like 2-14 than 8-8" and that he was "disappointed in everything" and "unhappy at everybody." In Hot Clicks land, Mara's comments mean that I have an excuse to post a gallery of his hot niece, actress Kate Mara.
Cowbell Girl Update
The internet is buzzing over the Boise State band member who made a brief but very memorable appearance playing the cowbell during last night's Fiesta Bowl. According to SB Nation, she is blind.
Snoop Pays Tribute to DeSean Jackson
DeSean Jackson may be the first player to make the Pro Bowl at two positions, but that's nothing compared to being the subject of a Snoop Dogg song.
Hollywood's Top Rides
General Lee :: Photo Courtesy of CBS Television
Guxanin looks at the history of cars in movies and television, including the incredible General Lee from The Dukes of Hazzard.
Foot Race Update
Thanks to all who submitted their votes for athlete footraces they'd most like to see. It seems the majority of people want to see overweight coaches (Rex Ryan, Andy Reid, etc.) race one another. We'll have the official results this afternoon. If you want to submit one, send me an email.
Sorority Girls Play Football ...
... and SI was there to film it. Enough said.
Random Links
This announcer flow chart is right on the money ... I am suddenly a huge fan of the Belarus women's basketball program ... This new building in Dubai is 2,716 feet tall, more than double the Empire State Building ... Luke Wilson is in a new HBO show, so hopefully he'll stop bothering us with those annoying AT&T commercials ... In honor of Avatar, here are the 15 biggest movie gambles of all time.
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Thrill of Victory Video of the Day
The Charleston crowd spills out of the stands after last night's upset of North Carolina.

Pop Warner Video of the Day
Who knew the hitting was so hard at the Pop Warner level? (Editor's Note: A couple doctors e-mailed to tell me the hit is helmet to helmet and he leads with his head. So please don't teach this technique to your child and don't try this at home).

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