February 13, 2012
Jeremy Lin fans :: Jeyhoun Allebaugh/Getty Images

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Someone is selling the message that Jeremy Lin wrote in his 2001 high school yearbook for $4,800 on eBay. ... Just like Tim Tebow, Lin now has his own parody video to Young Jeezy's Win. ... Here's a video compilation that captures the week Lin had in leading the Knicks to five straight wins. ... Even more prolific than Lin's play has been the puns people are continuosly throwing out there. Here are 50 of them.
Just Shave It
Carlos Boozer's spray on hair melted during yesterday's game against the Celtics.
Don't Let Bob Costas See This
Joakim Noah's + gun dance = great celebration.
Photo Gallery Of The Day
Kate Upton :: Esquire
SI.com will have plenty of new Kate Upton pictures for you at midnight tonight when the 2012 Swimsuit section launches. For now, here's a brand new photoshoot Upton did for Esquire.com
Ferrell For All-Star
Last Wednesday, Will Ferrell did the starting introductions for a Bulls-Hornets game. The results were hilarious and the reaction was overwhelmingly positive. Now, there's a Facebook campaign to get Ferrell to do the intros at this year's NBA All-Star game.
Don't Forget Valentine's Day
Here's a gift that men AND women would both love to receive tomorrow -- bacon roses!
In Case You Missed It
A's pitcher Brandon McCarthy wrote Friday's P.M. edition of Hot Clicks. The result? Many of you would like to see me go away now. "Damn, you funny! Enjoyed reading your s---! Better than that fool Jimmy, or whatever's his name! Don tell him that though! Do come back!", said Kamran, of Sweden. "Do not relinquish control, Brandon. It's now your 'Hot Clicks,'" said Marty Doren, of Hopkinton, Ma. John K., of Oak Park, Ill., said, "Jimmy, never thought it would come to this. You're fired. McCarthy is in full-time. Now I need to go have Kenny Williams fired for letting McCarthy go from the South Side of Chicago." I'm pretty sure McCarthy is going to keep his gig that's paying him millions as opposed to taking a job with my salary, but I will see if he can make a return appearance some time soon.
Guess The Athlete
Kate Upton :: Esquire
After a one-year absence, Bar Refaeli returns to the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, which comes out tomorrow. As part of her appearance, Refaeli poses with a few athletes. The Swimsuit editors wouldn't let me reveal those athletes, but they did say I could post one picture with the guy's face blurred out. I figured that would be boring, so I put my face on said athlete's body so I could accomplish two things that will never happen: 1) Get close to Bar; 2) Have a six pack. Anyway, we're going to turn this into a contest. The first person to correctly guess the athlete in the picture above will win a little prize pack. Here's the catch, you have to tweet me your guess and you can only make one guess. DO NOT SEND YOUR GUESS VIA THE FORM BELOW OR E-MAIL IT TO ME.
Sports Video Of The Day
Texas Rangers pitcher Derek Holland did the weather for Dallas television station WFAA over the weekend. He had just a little bit of fun with the experience.

Crazy Norwegian Ice Skater Video Of The Day
When I first watched this, I thought it was a vodka commercial. It's not. It turns out the guy is just a lunatic. (Thanks to Nathan Perry, of Grain Valley, Mo., for the video.)

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