April 04, 2012
That Look Says It All
Bud Selig :: Jamie Squire/Getty Images

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It's kind of fitting that this man's initials are B.S., because that's what he's turned Opening Day into now. To recap: MLB's regular season opened last Wednesday in Japan when the Mariners and A's played the first of two games there. However, ESPN and MLB itself are calling tonight's Cardinals-Marlins game "Opening Night." (Keep in mind, while St. Louis and Florida play a regular-season game this evening, 14 other teams are playing exhibition games today.) Oh, and that Cardinals-Marlins series? For some reason, it's a one-game series. Moving on ... ESPN is also referring to Thursday as "Opening Day." How many games are scheduled for "Opening Day"? Seven. So that means, despite playing regular-season games last week, Wednesday night and Thursday, 13 clubs don't open their 2012 campaign until Friday. You couldn't destroy the specialness of Opening Day any more than Major League Baseball has this season. I've even had people on Twitter tell me they had no idea there was a regular-season game tonight. Truth be told, I had no idea the Cardinals and Marlins were playing only a one-game series until I started writing this and doing some research. While this may not seem like a big deal in the grand scheme of things, it's just another example of baseball's being completely inept at marketing itself and being fan-friendly. Ultimately, it's just sad and depressing. Play ball!
Bizarre Injury Of The Day
Rockies pitcher (and owner of the best last name a hurler can have) Josh Outman is on the DL with a strained oblique he suffered while vomiting.
The Dog REALLY Did Eat His ... Tickets
Seattle resident Russ Berkman thought he was on his way to the Masters this week. However, when Berkman returned home from the store last Saturday, he discovered that his dog had eaten his four tickets. Berkman quickly sprung into action, and got his dog to throw up the tickets so he could put them back together. Berkman told his story to 950-KJR in Seattle, which has photos of the ordeal.
Photo Gallery Of The Day
Kate Upton :: Jacob Andrzejczak/Getty Images
Alden Eldredge, of Richmond, Va., says, "Jimmy, my buddy Brendan's birthday is today, April 4, and there's no better present than having Kate Upton [in Hot Clicks] for his birthday. We're all avid Hot Clicks fans around the office and it would make him much less of a dork to have Kate Upton dedicated to him on his birthday. Plus, having Kate Upton dedicated to him would relieve me of the obligation to buy him lunch one day this week. Thanks a ton, keep up the good work." Truth be told, while I admire Alden for using Hot Clicks to get out of buying his buddy lunch, I originally replied and told him that since I feature Kate Upton A LOT in Hot Clicks (did you guys know that?), it might be better to suggest another lady. However, this morning I discovered this new Kate Upton photoshoot that is hot off the presses, and figured I had no choice but to link to it and grant Alden his request.
Call Of The Day
I don't think Jim Nantz, Vin Scully or Bob Costas have ever used this call from a recent lacrosse game.
Is Giving A Kid A GPS A Recruiting Violation?
Texas Tech may have lost out on four football recruits because they got lost driving to the campus last weekend. (Thanks to Mark Zan, of Fort Worth, Texas, for the link.)
Sports Video Of The Day
A baseball game between Southern Miss and Ole Miss was rained out last night, so the players took advantage of the free time to engage in various antics, which included yoga while It Takes Two played, a dance-off and more. (Thanks to Mike, of Jackson, Miss., for the video.)

Track Video Of The Day
This is really the only thing to do after you've fallen down.

Making Fun Of Nickelback Video Of The Day
In yesterday's P.M. Hot Clicks, I told you about how Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers went off on Nickelback (among other bands) via Twitter. You already know about football fans who tried to get Nickelback axed from playing at the Lions' Thanksgiving game. And in December, the band got into it with Braves reliever Peter Moylan. Hopefully you guys can pass the video on to Rodgers and Moylan. (Thanks to Berg, of Texas, for the video.)

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