January 06, 2011
The History Of The Gatorade Bath
Bill Parcells :: Peter Read Miller/SI

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Clutch Blog has a detailed look at the 25 greatest Gatorade baths in sports history.
Fun With Photos
TheChive.com is back with another round of perfectly timed sports photos and NextRound.net has a look at funny font fails that ended up in some form of a dirty word. Be warned.
For The Fetishists
Oakland A's pitcher Craig Breslow has some fun at Rex Ryan's expense with his own dirty fetish video.
Lovely Lady Of The Day
Katie Cleary :: Maxim.com
Actress Katie Cleary, who also used to appear as a Deal or No Deal model, gets today's LLOD honors.
Great Giveaways
Thanks to reader Dave, of Glenside, Pa., for alerting me to the 2011 promotions for the Anaheim Angels. There can't possibly be another MLB team that has a better selection of events. The highlights: Angels Wrestling Mask (May 10); Angels Rally Monkey Chia Pet (Aug. 23), and Angels Gumball Machine (Sept. 24).
Giant Message
Giants coach Tom Coughlin had a message for his critics after the Giants beat the Redskins last Sunday.
Sports Video Of The Day
Blackhawks winger Victor Stålberg hit all three posts on a penalty shot last night. (Thanks to David Hampton, of Vernon Hills, Ill., and Chris, of Springfield, Ill., for the link.)

Music Video Of The Day
Skid Row lead singer Sebastian Bach sang a power ballad (yes!) for the Oregon Ducks on last night's episode of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

Classic Skid Row Video Of The Day
Had to post this after posting the previous video.

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